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University of Erwy

The University of Erwy (Previously: University of Erres) is an organization pioneering science on the continent of Zea.   First mentions of the University were made in letters exchanged between several thinkers, alchemists and biologists in the early 4th century BU. They sent each other notes outlining their newest idas in hopes of pushing each other to breakthroughs in their respective disciplines. It is uncertain how many of them finally met in the old Erres capital in 325 BU, but together they were able to establish a place to live and teach. They separated their work into five categories, giving birth to five out of six currently operating departments: Philosophy, History and Geography, Alchemy, Biology and Literature. At the time, they were not an organization endorsed by any governing body, just a group of enthusiasts wanting to preserve knowledge and discover more about human civilization and its place in the world.   The University met a very favorable reception and was able to earn more than enough to keep itself afloat by teaching lessons, making public presentations and selling their inventions to the rich and powerful. Early 3rd century BU marked the start of an official governmental support for the University. As the supernatural properties of sefia became well-known, the researchers were tasked with making a focused effort on incorporating it into technologies used at the time, preferably faster than their counterparts in Wyeh, who were less organized, but had abundance of the material at hand. This is how the sixth department, Technology Advancement, was created. This is where the sefiagraph was developed and where, together with the History and Geography department, the Extan language is being deciphered. The University is also in posession of several artifacts recovered from the Sky Tower, including the Beacon.   Structure of the departments did not change much over the years. Six deans, who are equal to each other in power and status within the organization, lead the departments. Below them are three to five vice-deans, who preside over a cadre of lecturers and students. The University long graduated from its singular place of dwelling, now boasting six mansions in the Erwy capital, one for each department, and several satellite offices all throughout the Dain continent.

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