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Hunters' Guild

The Hunters' Guild is an organization which emerged several years after the Unification War. Headed once by Veron Teshek, it united experienced hunters wanting to challenge themselves.   The Guild is an exclusive club. One can join only by invitation from another member, and even then they are encourage to keep it, or at least their sponsor's name, a secret. There are no strict rules for joining, though the Apex, the leader of the group, reviews all the applications.   Usually, a test is performed before a new member is inducted. It often concerns hunting a wrug with a specified weapon. Sometimes, a crossbow. Sometimes, a knife. The latter may indicate that the Guild is not so much interested in the candidate joining, but in their demise. If the test is refused, the subject of might become a part of the next Hunters' Guild meeting or a test anyways.   The Guild was established by a group of young nobles, with Teshek, the first Apex, at the helm. They were in their teens when the Unification War broke out, and rushed to the battlefield to gain fame and glory. Instead, they fell in love. Love of the brutality, the spilling blood and the death they could deal with no repercussions. Majority of the founding group were among the assassin squad sanctioned by the Erres crown to eliminate the invader's chain of command. After they returned, they knew they wouldn't be able to live without the taste of blood anymore.   What followed the Unification War was a time of peace, but underneath it, something evil festered. The countries may have joined together, but the regular people were facing off against each other, fighting over unclaimed fields, widowed women and unguarded fortunes. While most of those issues were being quickly resolved in local Peace Halls, some never made it there. A legend arose in the countryside. If you spill a bowl of blood on the crossroads, someone will come and listen to you. Then, either your problem will be solved, or you will vanish without a trace.   The Guild has little structure. After Teshek and other founders died, the mantle of the Apex was claimed by an anonymous man, who was the last candidate standing after the position was declared open. He is of no noble descent, but titles don't matter after you enter the lodge hidden in the western Erwy forests. Currently, there are thirty three hunters. They know each other by names, though most of them are fake. They carry a sharpened wrug horn at their side, hilted and tarnished from use. In some provinces thr Hunters are frighteningly uncommon, often wandering the forests alone, along the same routes, while the people in surrounding villages vanish.

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