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Gardener's Tick

The Gardener's Tick is a condition caused by overindulgence in Bloom, a psychoactive substance produced from the Mehethal flowers. It is stereotyped in Dain culture as a disease of weak minds.   The Gardener's Tick was first noticed in those who attempt to cultivate Mehethal flowers outside their natural habitat. While mostly harmless in their basic state, the chemicals released by replanted flowers elicit stronger and less desirable effects in humans. Processing of the flower petals, which contain high levels of the psychoactive substances, into Bloom does not change their range of unwanted effects.   At first, the Bloom user will experience the milder symptoms. They will eat less due to nausea and stomach pain, wear warmer clothes due to constant feeling of cold. They will complain of transient pains more and more often. Then, they become increasingly clumsy and uncoordinated, as their joints start to spasm and relax randomly, causing them to drop things and fall over, often further injuring them. If untreated, the bodies of the sick can become almost unresponsive, and are reduced to a lump of flesh animated by randomly firing neurons. Finally, the disease progresses to the musculature surrounding internal organs, which upon constriction can shut down vital bodily functions.   The mind of the sick, while clouded by pain, is usually conscious enough to recognize what is happening to them until almost the end. As any addict, they seek salvation in another dose of the Bloom, which can give them short relief, only to speed up the disease progress later. This leads them to pursue risky behaviour, especially among poorer Dain citizens, who often turn to money lenders or robbery. Additionally, the lack of coordination at the later stages of disease is clearly visible to anyone looking, which leads to shunning the sick.   The First Glass Hospital of Erwy has recently introduced a treatment program to help the ones afflicted by the Gardner's Tick. It's hard for most to make the journey to the Hospital, but if they manage it, the medicine itself is as free as it is experimental.

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