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Daeville: The Lost City

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For thousands of years, the wizards ruled the world with their powerful magic from their grand capital city. Then, for reasons that unclear today, they vanished, leaving their vast, mysterious city empty; its magical secrets, unguarded. Many years later, various non-magic peoples settled in the city of the wizard city and built their own society on the ruins of the old. While most non-magical folks are content to live their own lives, there are many who've dedicated their lives to uncovering the secrets of the wizards. And, perhaps, the reason behind their apparent disappearance.   These individuals founded the School of Magical Studies, the goals of which are twofold: 1. Collect/categorize and study magical objects/phenomena that are discovered in the ruins, 2. To uncover the history of the wizard civilization and the reason for its sudden collapse. With these straightforward goals in mind, the School employs many researchers and explorers to do the dangerous work of venturing into the depths of the ruins. Also employed by the school are investigators charged with handling magic encountered on the surface, often by hapless bystanders. It is strictly prohibited for anyone outside the school to handle magic.   There are many within the city who believe it's possible to revive the wizard society, and to restore humanity's ability to control magic directly, rather than passively study the residue left behind by great wizards of the past. Some of the people are willing to go as far as waging war on the school, who they believe are withholding the knowledge necessary to fulfill that purpose. They are known as the Cult of Magic, and to be associated with them is a crime of the highest order.   While the School officially operates independently of the governing body of the city, there is often pressure to find practical applications for the knowledge they acquire for the benefit of increasing the city's power throughout the rest of the world. The scholars within the School are deeply divided on this topic, with many believing that it's best to leave magic alone.