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Set in an alternate, dark world below our own two thousand years after the near end of humanity, The Molt Series tells stories surrounding the Lowells, a proud family of magic-using hunters who kill inhuman creatures, and the devil-hybrid who loves them.   The subseries Human Shed Skin is the series' focus as of 2017. These stories tell the tales of Jean-Luc Lowell and his journey of self-discovery and acceptance of his family's dark truths along with the love he harbors for his best friend, who is an inhuman. The series' name is taken from how it emphasizes "shedding" layers of lies to discover truths as well as discarding previous lives, beliefs, and even forms.   These are paranormal stories inspired by CAPCOM's Devil May Cry, Nintendo's Bayonetta, and steampunk elements. The series is written by Mar Qaroll, a budding novelist who has completed two National Novel Writing Month challenges and four Camp NaNoWriMo challenges since 2017.
The Molt Series contains elements that may only be suitable for adults including graphic sex, sexual themes, disturbing elements, and graphic descriptions of violence.
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