Town of Silverwind

The Town of Silverwind was considered a bordertown because of its proxy to the shadow mountains pass. Given this status the town was quite large and it had a decent amount of town guards and troops stationed in the town. They were mostly there to keep the peace and make sure nobody from beyond the mountain pass infrtrated the town if they manged to somehow make it through the mountain pass defences. Although the threat was real atleast to some of the population, the majority of the population did not believe there was any real threat. And this came to a head when the mayor of the town by the name of [ Insert name here ] requested that only a handful of troops remain and the rest leave.


The Town was ran by a mayor and a council which was ruled by women since women in the town ran the poltics. The make up of the council was that it repersented each of the major industrys in the town and this could fluxrate as years go by. For the most part this worked as it meant that each of the major industries had a say in the town and the laws and poltics that they enacted. It meant that people atleast on people did not feel like they were excluded from what was going on. For the most part this worked and for a number of years the council repersented the makeup of the town. The Taxes for the most part were evenly split amount the industies with all of them paying the same amount. The taxes for most of the town population was not too high and it was not too low either.

The Current make up of the council is the following industries

  • Fishing

  • Brothels

  • Stone

  • Mining

  • Farming

  • Woodcutting

  • Bricklaying

  • foresters
  • Defences

    Surrounding the town itself was seven foot high walls with towers on each of the corners, The walls were not too thick but it was good enough to keep out bandits that over the course of the years formed on the countryside. The towers were big enough to hold up to two archers on each of them. These archers were mainly scouts and were meant to alert more than defend the town. Each of the gates of the town one in the north and one in the south was a fortifed gate that could be raised or lowered at will. Although this took a number of minutes for each of them to do so. As the gates were heavy and could not be easly raised.

    Industry & Trade

    Fishing industry

    Lucky for the town there was a lake not too far away that had a lot of fish in it. the town quickly set up a fishing industry that would fish out of the lake and make sure that the town had some food. they made sure not to overfish because they did not know how many fish lived in the lake. So on some years they fished very little and other years they fished a whole lot. this industry was mainly comprised of men as one of the few jobs they were able to get in the town.
    Stone Industry

    The stone industry was one of the first to appear in the town. After one of the daugthers of the founders ran off into the hills that surrounded the town and found Red Granite. Although the girl did not call it that, But she called it something else [ Name here ] beliving it to be a gift from the goddess of love. The red granite was soon being mined and it would be used in all constuction in the town because it was of abdunce. the local priesthood came out to the quary site and said it was a gift from the goddess herself confirming what the daugther said. the Quary was operated and owned by women only.
    Woodcutting industry
    Around the lake there was a large area of wood that could be used in constuction. The area was so vast that it could strech out for miles and go on forever or so it would it be assumed. The wood itself was Red maple and it grew around the lake. Although the people called it something else [ Insert name here ], The Red maple tree made great wood that could be used for constuction of homes for men as they were forbidden to have homes made of red granite. It was also used in the constuction of schools. It was also used to constuct Stables, Warehouses, blacksmiths, Carpenters, Inns, Brothels and bakery.
    When the town was established the founders believed that another form of worship of the goddess was in brothels. This form of worship was done in private between two or more people and it allowed the women to make a decent earning. Men were only able to visit the brotel and pay for the women but not work there as it was resticted to only women. There were a number of brothels owned by a number of noble women, they made most of there fortune this way as it not only cathered to the ciztens of the town but also guests and vistors to the town from through the kingdom. Some traveled far to get to this town just to visit one of the famed brothels and be attended too by one of the fine ladies of the night as they were called
    Farming industry
    The Town knew that it could not just live off fish alone and that there had to be a long term solution to getting food into the town. So they scouted around the town to find some fertile lands to grow some crops. Once they found the lands they cultvated the lands and began to plant Wheat was planted in one field and bayley was planted in another. Each year the crops would rotate between wheat and bayley and then a third would be left fallow. this was to ensure there was always a crop to be harvested. The Farming industry grew powerful because they would ask for more land to cultvate crops on each year saying it was because of the growing town.
    While the town of silverwind had fish and crops, It needed a source of meat and this is where the hunting industry came about. Although it was not as prosperious a sthe other industries as it relied on animals coming near the town which often they did not. Hunting was not every year and some years they hardly got any meat while others they got plenty. For this reason hunters lived in shacks outside of the town and were among the poorest workers in the town. They also supplied charcol for the smelters and blacksmiths
    The town of silverwind mining industry was one of the richest. Due to the heavy constantration of iron despoits around the town. The mining industry was set up to mine those valuble resources for the town of silverwind. It was also one of the industries that had a higher mortality rate than the others due to the nature of the work being done. Since mining for iron ore was a tough job. But the owners of the mines got rich off of this work, Supplying the blacksmiths with the iron ore they needed. They also mine tin and silver as well.
    The bricklayers were in charge of constuction of the buildings. The men were considered unskilled labor while the women were the craftswomen in charge of designing the buildings. they planned it all out and then instucted the men to do the unskilled labor part of the job, bringing in supplies and laying down the foundations etc.

    Guilds and Factions

    The town has a number of guilds assocated with the industries. It has a miners guild and a fishing guild which makes sure that no competion is allowed for the resources and holds a monopoly of the trade in the town. These were not large guilds but they were funded by influental members of society. There was also a watchers guild which was in charge of security for those working outside of the city walls such as the foresters and fishers and stone and mining. They asked in return for a fee for protection. Brothel workers also formed a guild to make sure men did not take advantage of them while working and paid what they were owed.


    The Number one tourist industry in the town of silverwind is the brotels which are known far and wide in the kingdom. this is what brings the highest amount of tourism to the town and revenue. Since the tourst come for the brothels and then spend money in the craft shops that line the outside of the brothel. This helps give money to the town in general which pays for the schools and temples and other building projects that the town constucts. It is such a big tourist industry that other buildings become Inns around the brothels hoping to make money on the tourist that have to wait there turns
    Large town


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