The Unworthy

There is nothing worse than being labeled a unworthy in the kingdom of Reaveth. Those that are considered unworthy are treated with no respect are not allowed to buy or sell goods or own a home and they are stripped of their citizenship. They are forced to wander the streets until they are picked up and sent to the camps outside of the city. Where they are either killed by the other unworthy in the camp or sent to the prison to be killed. This system is meant to punish and not reform those that are unworthy for there is no redemption.   How one becomes an unworthy is one that is marred in corruption as anybody could accuse you of being unworthy and it varies from town to town what the criteria is. Those accused are brought before a shadow priest who examines them and bleeds them to determine if the accusation is true or false and if their blood is pure because only those of pure blood could be citizens and be considered worthy. If the accusation is proven true they are considered unworthy and stripped of everything and given a mark on their forearm that denotes their no status of being unworthy. If proven false they are let free and their accusers are brought in to be questioned instead.   The unworthy are given no protection, they can freely be killed by a citizen without fear of being arrested. As they wander the streets they are not allowed to be talked too, or served any food or drink or allowed to buy goods or go into homes. They are completely cut off from society and forced to wander the streets of the towns they are in waiting for the day they will be dragged off to the prison of the unworthy    

Treatment of the Unworthy before reform

In some cities in the kingdom, the unworthy are gathered up and killed their bodies burned because they are not pure enough to have a proper burial. In other towns, the unworthy are rounded up and sent outside of the town and told to wait until someone came to take them to the prison of the unworthy. They are given no food or shelter and many die as they wait. it was not uncommon for those from the prison to find that there was nobody to take because they all died. This alone made the government change their policy as they needed the unworthy to live for the games that were held yearly.  


The kingdom in recent years has enacted some reforms in the treatment of the unworthy. The first being that all of them must be given proper housing in special buildings just for them. this did away with the practice of keeping them out in the wilderness just to die. Because of this reform camps began to appear throughout the kingdom and they were specifically for the unworthy to live and wait to be transported to the prison of the unworthy  

Process in which someone becomes an unworthy

  • Shadow priest hears the case in a shadow church in front of the altar. determines if there is any truth the accusation
  • makes the accused spill their blood onto the altar to determine if they are pure
  • examines the blood to determine purity or not, if found unpure the accused is given a tattoo saying unpure

How does one become a unworthy

  • Cheat on their spouse
  • Disrespect the royal family
  • Have unpure blood
  • Do not properly worship the shadow god
  • Failed to peform daily rituals in the name of the shadow god
  • worshiping the goddess of love

What happens to woman and children

Woman are sent to the camps outside of the city separate from the men, these camps are meant for long-term while the men's are meant for the short term. children are put into the foster care system and given to other parents. Per Royal decree, all children are considered innocent and are not to be harmed in any way. Most children are placed into other noble families who raise them as their own.

Unworthy cannot do the following

  • Buy or sell goods
  • Own land
  • Go inside of a house or building within the city or town
  • Eat city or town food ( the government provides them with food)
  • talk or interact with town or city people
  • Have a proper burial
  • Attend services in honor of the shadow god

Unworthy are stripped of the following

  • land they owned
  • Kingdom of Reaveth Citzenship
  • Protection under the law
  • Protection under the guards
  • Marriage ( if they are married )
  • Children ( if they have any )


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Very well thought out, Shadow. I'd like tonsee more about the culture that has sprung up among the unworthy. Are any trying to prove their innocence or regain their position within the city?

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