The Lovers Tavern

Taverne d'amour

Only those truly in love with another can find the tavern. The tavern is much more than just a place for one to get a drink and a bite to eat. It is a getaway from the world with the one person who truly loves you. The tavern knows this and makes sure that whatever your heart desires; it creates for you.

The Lovers Tavern, or Taverne d'amour as it is called locally, is a place of complete mystery for everyone except those in love. It was built on the very spot where a king and queen fell in love with one another on the banks of the Nile River. Because of this, only those that have truly fallen in love can see it. To those that have not, the only thing they see are ruins guarded by ghosts who demand people leave until they fall in love.


History of The Lovers Tavern

The exact date of the construction of the tavern is not known and they have not found the person who built it either in oral or written records. What we know is that the tavern has been in the same location on the banks of the river for generations. Even when the river floods its banks each year, the tavern remains dry and intact even its ruins remain. Nobody knows the amount of rooms or how big the tavern as each person who tells another about it says a different amount. Nothing about the tavern remains constant, only that there is one inn keeper who greets them and one servant who gives them whatever they desire in terms of food and drink. Even the rooms of the taverns are not the same. Some say the room they slept it was large and had many candles, others say it was small with one candle but surrounded by windows looking out across to the river.

One account is of a woman that fell in love with a son of a noble. They talked to each other daily and soon fell in love with each other on the banks of the river. That night, both of them had a dream of a tavern that was large and had many windows that looked out across the river and candles that lit the walkway leading to it. The road was red cobblestone and flanked on both sides with soldiers who bowed as they walked. The noble son had the same dream and both of them wanted to see for themself's this tavern, so that night they walked along the banks of the Nile and found it just like in their dreams.

Once inside of the tavern, the inn keeper offered them their favorite drinks and brought out to them their favorite foods. Even the music from a bard was one they had listened to when they fell in love. It was as if the tavern just knew what they both enjoyed and recreated it just for them. For the noble son was part of the military and had the respect of the soldiers. The young lady's favorite color was red as she was a priestess of the goddess of love. The tavern can adapt to the lovers that come through its doors. Each account varies about what was inside of the tavern.

The magic of the tavern

The tavern knows about lovers and what is in their hearts due to magic. this magic is a combination of shadow magic and love magic where shadow magic is used to manipulate the shadows to create the scene for the lovers. While love magic is used only to find out what the heart desires so that the tavern can create it.

Purpose / Function

The main purpose of the tavern is for lovers to have an escape from the world, a place they could come and have a bite to eat and relax without having to worry about the world. It is also a safe place for all that come to the tavern. But that is not the only purpose of the tavern. The other purpose is to make the love between the two lovers stronger so that it can never break. It is a safe place away from prying eyes of parents or kingdoms and religious zealots who do not approve of the romance. It serves as a place for those of the same sex to have a safe place to express themself.


The tavern has three employees who, regardless of what the tavern creates for the lovers, are always present. The first is the inn keeper herself, who is always present with a radiant smile and a warm glow that makes all that meet her feel loved and protected. Next is the server or barmaid who provides the food and drinks to the lovers. She is always young and takes on the culture and race of the lovers who are in the tavern. There is also a hint of a tan and an infectious smile and charm. Some say she is in her late teens while others say she is in her mid-20s. And finally, the cook who although never seen one could smell the food they cook from the main room, nobody is sure if the person works alone or has others helping but they often say they can hear shouts from time to time coming from the kitchen, never in anger but always with a voice of a parent giving a lesson to a child but in a encouraging way.

There are others as well, but it depends on the lovers and what they want to create. For the young noble there were multiple servants for they had multiple dishes of food bought out from the kitchen all of their favorite foods, For those that stay longer than a night, the tavern will create additional staff to help with the operation such as housekeeping and room service which are often young women or men that attend to the lovers while they stay at the tavern.

And there is also a bard who plays the tunes for the lovers, Whatever song they want to hear as the bard is quite talented, Some have what they call a couples song play, others have a song they heard in other taverns or inns that they enjoyed. Regardless, a tune is played by a bard or two, depending on the song the heart desires.

How the tavern appears to those not in love


Tavern music

This is determined by the lovers themself’s and what is in their hearts. From the moment they enter the tavern the bard will play a song just for them and them alone and make it a unique experience, Do the lovers enjoy slow music or fast music or music that just sets the mood, all of this is possible for the bard to play and nothing is out of the realm of possibility. As the tavern knows just what music to play for the mood,the lovers want to set and it will change during the stay as well, from fast in the beginning of the evening to slow towards the end of the evening and if requested the bard will play some music from outside of the room for the lovers to fall asleep too.

Pub / Tavern / Restaurant
Included Locations


The tavern provides the lovers that come and dine at the tavern with whatever their heart desires. It does not matter what that is, it could be the most exotic food or even a home-cooked meal that their parents made for them. It could be something in far-away lands, that they read about in a book or heard a rumor on the street. If the heart desires it, then that is what they will get. Of course, there are things that the tavern will not provide no matter what the lover’s heart’s desire


Examples of Taverns created

One tale tells of a couple who went to the tavern many years ago. The tavern, knowing what was in their hearts, recreated the ideal romantic setting for them. Here, the couple wanted a warm, cozy cottage with snow outside and a beautiful fireplace. They even requested that one lover have a musical instrument for them to play and the tavern provided it.

Rumors about the tavern

  • They constructed the tavern where the goddess of love and the shadow god spent their first night together
  • The tavern has some sentience
  • The inn keeper is a manifestation of the goddess of love herself.
  • The tavern can play host to multiple lovers at the same time


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Cover image: Castle Tower by Tama66


Author's Notes

Hope you all enjoyed reading the article, Let me know what you thought of it, Looking for feedback on how the grammar is and how it flows!, and also how the article made you feel overall!,

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8 Mar, 2022 08:16

Oh this would be a lovely place to visit. It's really nice to just have a place for yourself, with lovely food and drinks.   Normally I'd argue against run-on sentences and commas followed by capital letters, but it strangely felt poetically right with this article.

9 Mar, 2022 03:06

Thank you for the feedback!

8 Mar, 2022 09:00

What an interesting article! It makes me wonder, what would happen if a narcissist who really loves themselves would experience this tavern. Are they let in, or are they forced to fall in love with someone else first?   Keep up the good work! :D

It's always an adventure at Juniper's Damned Alehouse, where even the chairs are trying to pick you up.
9 Mar, 2022 03:05

That is a intresting question for sure!, What would happen but generally its meant that they find someone else to fall in love with. Although the tavern just might make a copy of them!,   thank you for the feedback!

8 Mar, 2022 18:01

Liking the touch that only lovers can see it. Perfect for story telling or roleplaying with. Plenty of stories could be told one way or the other.

9 Mar, 2022 03:04

Thank you for the feedback!

8 Mar, 2022 22:51

As I said before, this article in your world really surprised me. What I like about it is that, especially in your world, it really offers refuge (which is bitterly necessary for lovers). Also, I like the magical combination as well as the setting on each lover. And yes, the writing style really suits it here, I agree with Crabaro. That's probably because of the ghostly feeling that surrounds this tavern. Nice job.

Welt: Yenort
9 Mar, 2022 03:04

Thank you for the Feedback!,

9 Mar, 2022 05:02

Right now in the staff description you have tavern wrench instead of wench. I would also consider changing it to barmaid as wench has different, less savory connotations to me. Overall though you have a great article.   An now, the questions I had while reading (food for thought, no obligation to answer.   Can it only be occupied by one couple at a time? Or is there a possibility of meeting other couples there? Is the only requirement to be in love, so for instance a bandit king and his lover could be allowed admittance if they were truly in love? Is there a Time Limit after which people must leave or are there legends of star-crossed lovers who escaped to the tavern, never to be seen again? Do some couples in the area attempt to find the tavern to prove that their love is true (perhaps even fated if the pairing is culturally frowned upon)?

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9 Mar, 2022 18:25

This is just straight-up a lovely idea! It's beyond interesting that it only appears to those in love; would a couple who would expect to see it be surprised if they didn't? (i.e., would it be a surprise to people who THOUGHT they were in love but aren't? Maybe a lover had died, so they knew it existed, but then when they visited it with a new partner, it's the rundown version) I've always liked magic that tells us more about the people who utilize it, and I think a refuge for those in love is just really sweet. Great work, I really loved it!

10 Mar, 2022 04:46

Thank you for the feedback!

9 Mar, 2022 19:28

I don't really have anything extra to add that wasn't covered, but this was a nice read. I like the fantastical aspects; it could easily be a fairy tale found in children's books and the like. I too, am curious as to how the building handles more than one couple at the same time if that ever happens. Was the magic already there / used during the initial creation process, or did it appear at a later date?

10 Mar, 2022 04:47

Those are great questions!, Thank you for the feedback,

10 Mar, 2022 03:59

Very cool stuff! I like the fact that only people who have been in love can see it. Although I can see it being really heartbreaking for someone who knows its supposed to be there to see the ruins and learn that they've never actually been in love. I also like that it changes to match the couple. Kind of spooky that it mixes with dark magic. That could make for a unique gameplay hook in an RPG setting. I like it.

10 Mar, 2022 04:47

Yeah it can be heartbreaking!, thank you for the feedback!

11 Mar, 2022 00:18

Romantically beautiful that leaves me feeling as though I’ve visited here myself.

11 Mar, 2022 01:46

Thank you for the Kind words!

11 Mar, 2022 20:36

I like the tavern a lot! It's very cozy and it's super relaxing read. :)   I also can't help but get a Hansel and Gretel vibe from this place and wonder if the spirits here actually lure these people in under false pretenses (I'm sure you've made the intention of this place clear though).   Also, I'm curious about if other lovers see each other when in the tavern. For example, say two lovers enter the tavern and choose to never leave. Then, in the future, two more enter the tavern. Does the tavern isolate the pairs? Or can they see each other and everyone else inside?

~ Tristan
12 Mar, 2022 05:17

Thank you for the feedback!

12 Mar, 2022 05:13

This article is awesome and so unique. It's great to see such a unique, and frankly interesting place in this competition. I particularly love the mystery in its history! I also love that it only appears for certain people, lovers, which only adds to the unique flavor of this pub! Great Job!

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12 Mar, 2022 05:16

Thank you for the comment and feedback!

12 Mar, 2022 06:25

The idea of a tavern that represents the concept of love in a physical way is very interesting! It's also a well-written article, especially for a building that does and does not exist while looking different to every person who ventures inside.

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13 Mar, 2022 02:48

Thank you for the feedback!

12 Mar, 2022 13:34

The tavern itself is fascinating and kind of vaguely reminds me of Danny Street from Doom Patrol. I'm curious if the tavern has it's own personality, are the denizens aspects of the building and the magic that runs it or are they people who serve it or who have no where else to go? I have so many questions; but mostly just wanted to say this is a very interesting concept.   I wonder if everyone who finds the tavern thinks it is safe, what would happen if someone who is in love but very paranoid found it? Perhaps they would misconstrue the wonderful gestures as something more sinister?

13 Mar, 2022 02:47

Thank you for the feedback!, And that will be revealed in a future article perhaps!, But there are some guesses from other readers about what it could be!, And yes that is possible as well!

13 Mar, 2022 05:22

This was a great read, I really liked it. It really reminded me of a show I fell in love with! Hotel Del Luna. The article feels whimsical since it is about what only lovers can see and experience. What I really enjoyed was the little bit about how the magic works in this tavern, just by mixing a little shadow and love magic!

~ Eliora Yona ~
13 Mar, 2022 19:01

Thank you for the feedback!

Billy West
13 Mar, 2022 17:39

I really like this, in the sentence "The tavern can adopt to the lovers that come through its doors. Each account varies about what was inside of the tavern." i assume it is meant to say adapt? That is my only criticism. I would love to go to a place like this, I would love to know where you got the tavern image from!

13 Mar, 2022 19:02

Thank you for the feedback!

15 Mar, 2022 10:27

Wow, this is wholesome. I really like this to be honest, the idea as well as the article itself. Detailed but compact. Great work there mate!

15 Mar, 2022 21:43

Thank you for the feedback and kind words!,Feel free to leave a like if you want too :)

17 Mar, 2022 21:34

"Tactical Like has been deployed!"

15 Mar, 2022 21:31

I have one note for you. I believe that it is mandatory that you credit all artwork in this article, even if it is your own work. I think photos are included in that rule. I don't see a credit for your main photo, perhaps it is there and I am missing it.   I'll keep thinking about your article and post other comments as I think of them. :)
15 Mar, 2022 21:41

The main photo is credited at the bottom of the article, It says " Cover image: Castle Tower by Tama66 "

15 Mar, 2022 22:06

Now I see it!
16 Mar, 2022 22:12

I really liked this, especially as a more romantic touch in your darker world! I noticed two little grammatical things: one is that sometimes you write innkeeper as one word and sometimes you wrote it as two words, like inn keeper. And then in the little menu section you wrote "It could be something in far-away lands, but they read about in a book or heard a rumor on the street," and I think you might've meant 'that' instead of 'but.' Otherwise it was really great; I liked the little details and the story that you built the history around.

18 Mar, 2022 20:47

Fixed and thank you for the feedback!

Grandmaster Gillymaya
Gilly-May Hartill
17 Mar, 2022 17:13

What a brilliantly unique article! I love the concept of this; I think we all need a little haven away from the chaos of the world at the moment, where there's nothing but love and relaxation. Excellent work :)

Gilly Hartill   Fantasy world builder, aspiring author & lover of all things RPG.
18 Mar, 2022 20:46

Thank you for the feedback!

18 Mar, 2022 20:34

Truly a mysterious and interesting place. I like how it tends to be different for everyone and how no one can actually really know how it came to be. Nice read!

Feel free to check out my River challenge article and my Secrets in the swamp Adventure article if you want to see what I am up to!
18 Mar, 2022 20:46

Thank you for the feedback and kind words!

20 Mar, 2022 21:03

I could imagine what might happen if the tavern mis-interpreted its signals - epsecially from visitors that are completely unaware of the tavern's capabilities. I see a great potential for something like the Star Trek Original Series episode about the "pleasure planet" that fulfulled visitors' wishes!

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20 Mar, 2022 21:40

Thank you for the feedback!

21 Mar, 2022 11:28

This is incredible! What a unique idea. The rumor section really gives you another perspective as to how "magical" this place really is. Great work!

21 Mar, 2022 15:52

Thank you for the kind words!

22 Mar, 2022 19:58

This tavern screams „I am an extremely mighty mimic who doesn’t feed of unlucky adventurers but love and happiness.“, good that the house is not malicious and only appears to those truly in unconditional love not destroying a not quite perfect couple by showing each their Mankos.

Creator, artist and writer of the science fantasy world Kingsmaker   Check out my tavern entry The divine Basknut
25 Mar, 2022 04:01

Thank you for the feedback and the like!

23 Mar, 2022 18:31

I really love the concept of this tavern. I particularly like the descriptions of the staff. The only bit of constructive criticism I have would be that it seems like somewhere that people would never want to leave. From the tone of the article, I'd think that you wouldn't want to go down a dark route with that but it might be worth working in a way for the tavern to let people know that it's time to move on or something.

25 Mar, 2022 04:02

Thank you for the feedback and kind words and the like!

25 Mar, 2022 12:50

Great premise for the inn... Very unique backstory and I enjoyed the set of conditions that only permits certain people to see and enter the inn. Perhaps a safe haven that has been created by the deities of love within your campaign setting?

25 Mar, 2022 16:49

Thank you for the feedback and prehaps!, And if you do like the inn leave it a like if you wish!

25 Mar, 2022 14:51

I love this concept--a place that is both illusion and necessity, perfectly right for those whose hearts are attuned. The rumors give extra hooks for the imagination to wander off to, and I love it when articles include those :D Great job!! How crushing it would be to be chased away by those ghosts after believing a relationship had love though, oh gosh!

You are doing a great job! Keep creating; I believe in you!
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25 Mar, 2022 16:49

Thank you for the feedback and kind words!

26 Mar, 2022 02:17

I love this type of building, magical and strongly tied to a theme. The adaptive magical tavern/inn is a wonderous theme. Setting it tied to something as ephemeral as love is an excellent touch.

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27 Mar, 2022 17:53

thank you for the feedback!

Master Liar Moraine
Edward Moraine
26 Mar, 2022 13:53

❥︎ This place is covered with a veil of mystery and romance. A decent place to spend a good evening with your significant other, however, knowing myself, I would probably spoil the evening with my stupid taste and imagination.   ✧︎Good luck to you.

"Время сводит на нет любое богатство, как и вообще все в этом мире, ибо даже казалось бы вечному камню на деле отмерен свой срок..."
- Говард Лавкрафт
27 Mar, 2022 17:53

Thank you for the feedback!

26 Mar, 2022 16:07

This is a super clever concept! I like how the tavern changes for each pair of lovers, suiting itself to their every needs. It's creative, and a clever way to avoid making a map

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27 Mar, 2022 17:52

Thank you for the feedback and kind words!

Master Anthraxus
Jason Hosler
27 Mar, 2022 04:31

Pretty cool idea. The last sentence under the Menu reads weird to me, butt all around solid concept and delivery.

27 Mar, 2022 17:52

Fixed and thank you for the feedback!

27 Mar, 2022 14:49

Nice! I like that it appears differently to different people (whether truly in love or not), and that the Tavern itself could have some sort of sentience. It sounds like a real nice retreat!

27 Mar, 2022 17:32

Thank you for the kind words. And feedback If you did enjoy the article leave a like!

27 Mar, 2022 17:21

This sounds like a wonderful place for a romantic stay! I especially like the idea that it is a safe place where all kinds of lovers can be themselves.

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27 Mar, 2022 17:34

Thank you for your kind words and feedback

27 Mar, 2022 17:47

I love that mixture of beauty and occultism. Love and darkness. Besides that it is a wonderful idea. Good job, I like it. Greetings from Spain.

27 Mar, 2022 22:43

thank you for the feedback!

27 Mar, 2022 22:24

Good narrative structure. Imaginative light and hopeful. Refuge for the star-crossed lovers or impossible couples who might sneak away for a night every few weeks or months is a nifty concept and useful for scenario quests and hooks.

27 Mar, 2022 22:43

thank you for the feedback!

Master FalconX
Lachlan Grierson
28 Mar, 2022 01:07

Ok. I like it. Quite an original idea and the morphing tavern is excellent. Nice one.

28 Mar, 2022 20:52

Thank you for the kind words!

28 Mar, 2022 02:23

I love the idea of a building matching a couple! Amazing article

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28 Mar, 2022 20:53

Thank you for the kind words!

28 Mar, 2022 05:45

This is such a heartwarming article! The exposition is great and I can really imagine how a couple may enter and set the tavern's mood and appearance. What would of course confuse me is what different people see while at the same time in the tavern, but I love that it is open for imagination!   I'd suggest you look for typos, missing periods or commas, as I have seen some. Great job nonetheless!

28 Mar, 2022 06:06

Thank you for the feedback and kind words!

28 Mar, 2022 06:05

I love the idea of this tavern! The idea of a safe place for lovers to strengthen their love is beautiful and I like how you have described the tavern. There also must be some magic in this article as it managed to answer almost all the questions that arise while I was reading it. Like one of the last questions that I had was: if the tavern could accommodate more than one couple and then the last part of the rumours section answered it. The only thing that was bit unclear is how the tavern reacts to the situations where the love is one sided? Does it appear only to the side that is in love or not at all?   The art you made for this article is stunning! I love the magical feel in it and how the colour scheme reflects the colour scheme of the background picture (which I also really like).   Overall excellent job with the article!     You asked feedback for grammar, and I want to make it clear that my own English skills are lacking, so I do not often comment on grammar. There was however a sentence that was bit hard for me to understand: “For the noble son was part of the military and had the respect of the soldiers.”, so perhaps it could be clarified a bit. Also, the use of word “infectious” when talking about smile is probably not the best choice, since I associate the word strongly with diseases etc. and it has very negative feel in it, but I want to remind you that my own English skills are lacking so I might be totally wrong with this. There are also issues with the use of commas, dots and large first letter (like no large letter after dot and large letters after commas), but that did not bother me at all on the first read! I only noticed it when reading the article again and paying more attention to the language.

28 Mar, 2022 06:07

Thank you for your kind words and feedback!

28 Mar, 2022 08:37

This is a neat take. It could perhaps use a bit more layouting and breaking up the longer paragraphs with a few headers, but other than that, lovely article. "Love magic" had me intrigued :D   What are the lodgings like, or is just the "restaurant" kind of tavern?

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28 Mar, 2022 20:53

Depends on the lovers really, If they want a big room they get a big room, If they want a small room they get one or one with a balcony etc.   thank you for the feedback and kind words!

28 Mar, 2022 10:03

This is an awesome idea for a tavern! Taverns is something I find hard to make original and unique but I think you've certainly added a unique flair to this one! Excellent work and good luck in the contest!

28 Mar, 2022 20:51

Thank you for the kind words!

28 Mar, 2022 13:32

An intriguing and appealing tavern ! Well presented and written to fall in love with the place. good job! :)

28 Mar, 2022 20:50

Thank you for the kind words!

28 Mar, 2022 15:15

What a fantastic and wonderful story!   I like the layout and colors. It flows so nicely.

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28 Mar, 2022 20:51

thank you for the kind words!

29 Mar, 2022 02:01

Lovely article! I like the shifting nature of it. The innkeeper is intriguing, and I liked the theories about how the tavern could have come to be.

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29 Mar, 2022 02:02

Thank you for your kind words!

Master zalzabar
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29 Mar, 2022 14:52


30 Mar, 2022 01:46

Thank you and if you do enjoy it, Feel free to leave it a like as well!

30 Mar, 2022 08:56

I love this whole concept! All of the little details really bring the place to life, and I can see my wife and I running off here for a vacation from the world when its needed. Beautiful work!

1 Apr, 2022 03:21

Thank you for the kind words!

30 Mar, 2022 10:15

Reading the rumors, it really feels as if our taverns are a bit alike. I like the air of mystery surrounding it. I can imagine it feels like you're stepping into a completely different world when you enter this tavern. As if the rose-tinted glasses you're supposed to have when you're in love manifested itself into a building.

1 Apr, 2022 03:21

Thank you for the feedback!

Sage eccbooks
E. Christopher Clark
31 Mar, 2022 01:01

I remember I sent you a note about this a while back, but I thought I'd also left a comment. I guess not! Anyway, this is really good work. I love the concept and I can see how much care and thought you put into it. Psyched to see you getting so much positive attention for this one.

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1 Apr, 2022 03:22

Thank you For the feedback and kind words!

31 Mar, 2022 14:55

Gotta love the romantic taverns. ^_^ Honestly, this sounds like a great place to vacation even without a lover, just because it seems relaxing. I could use a magical tavern right about now.

1 Apr, 2022 03:20

Thank you for the Kind words!

Arieth Ninja
1 Apr, 2022 02:26

This is such an awesome place and I honestly wonder if i could find it with all of my partners.   Which brings in the question, did you consider polygamy when you created this? I think it would be super interesting for a whole polycule to see who could make it inside.

1 Apr, 2022 03:22

Thank you for the feedback and that is a good question i will need to think about!

Grandmaster Piggie4299
Jacqueline Taylor
2 Apr, 2022 08:14

Interesting place. Has the feeling of mythology. Would be a fun place to use in a story.

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