The Hell-born Horror

Navis facta corporum

CW - Gore, Body mutilation
This world contains content that readers may find disturbing, reader discretion is advised
I can not believe what I am seeing. The entire ship is made of bodies, Even the sails of the ship looks like skin and not cloth. Its too fleshy. but what really stood out was the stench in the air, It made some with weaker stomachs vomit because of the horrid stench. But the smell was not from the bodies as they were still flesh, It was the smell of death

The Church of the Shadow God sent a small team of priests to the location of the known tomb of one of the lords of shadow, looking for any artifacts that might be around it as there was some rumors of a arifact or two of great power around one of the tombs, It was also rumored that one of the lords of shadow had a ship that helped him during his time on the world. it was said he used the ship to go from kingdom to kingdom spreading the message of the shadow god to all that would hear him.

But what they stumbled upon was something far worse than they could ever imagined. A ship that was made not of wood as would be expected but of bodies and body parts all pieced together to make a ship of nightmares.


History of the Navis facta corporum

The Goddess of torture grew bored ruling her part of the world, She needed a way to go from one location to another quickly and given that her kingdom was near the ocean it was a safe bet that she would need a ship. But this ship would not just be a ship made of wood as most of the other ships were created out of. She wanted her ship to be unique and to stand out from all the others. So she decided that she was going to put her talent to good use, her ship would be created by her loyal followers that she tortured. she would use there bodies to form the ship and everything on board it. the sheer agony they would go through as she made use of there body parts would be pleasing to her ears as they would at first believe this was the ultimate form of worship of her. only when it was too late would they know they were not her followers but instead her victims.


The purpose of the ship

The ship main purpose was to spread fear among those that had the misfortune to see it. For when the ship was close or in a area it meant the goddess was at work, It was a omen that something was about to happen in the area and that they were to flee if possible and had the means, a number of times the ship was seen near a town and it was not long after the town was destroyed outright or reduced in population size over the course of the time the ship was in the area. Almost all costal towns had a special warning fire they would light to let the town known the ship was spotted and they should flee. The color of the flame is green which is made with Coppersulfate and boric acid


Even the crew was not spared the torture. Because of the size of the ship, It required 80 or so crew to operate the ship. Most of the crew had missing body parts with some of them missing a arm or hair or even a eye. But in some cases the crew became part of the ship itself. Attached to the ship in some gruesome ways. Those that discovered the ship found a crew member who intestines were stretched out and made up the railings of the ship. the body of the crew member being where the railing started. Because of how long the intestines there were four such crewmen around the ship

Other crew members served the basic functions of the ship. Although food was not offered given the crew had no desire to eat nor did they speak walking around the deck of the ship almost mindlessly. Not dead but not fully alive either, When a crew member ran out of use or was too damaged, They were sent to a special room to have there body parts harvested.

Power Generation

When the priests discovered the engine part of the ship. They were shocked to find that the ship was powered by beating hearts, four of them to be exact surrounded the engine part. They were still beating as well. The room was slick, and smelled of fresh blood and stench of death and copper permeated the air, On the sides of the room it was discovered more hearts, But these were not beating and they were black and decayed.


The sails of the ship are crafted from the living skin of the goddess victims. The skin repairs itself if ever damaged by wind or other ships .When one of the priests makes a hole in the sail of the ship to see what kind of fabric it is, It repaired itself almost instantly.


The lungs are used as the wind bags of the ship. Througout the ship there is constant wailing, the wailing that sounds like a banshee at times followed by wheezing, this goes on non stop.

Weapons & Armament

The ship came with some weapons, One of those weapons was found in a room of the ship. In the room there was stomachs lined up agaist the walls of the room neatly arranged and organzised by size. Some of the stomachs were small while others were large, all filled up with stomach acid. The stench of the room is overwelming.

Armor and defense

The ship's armor was created by rows of teeth that were embeded in the sides, creating a jagged edge around the ship,


The ribs of the victims became the ribs of the ship, The kneel was created by fused breastbones and spine. in between the spaces it was packed with hair of the victims to make sure it was secure. it was tightly packed


The masts are crafted by the thigh bones of the victims, But these thigh bones were larger than normal and that was because they caused to grow at a exponential rate, this could only have been done when the victim was alive before they were used to craft the ship.


The Wheel of the ship was created by the arm bones of the victims. 8 stokes of the wheel equaled to 8 arm bones. The center of the wheel is attached by 8 hands. The brains of the victims were inside of the helm itself


The rudder was created by tiba and phalages of the victims

Railings and siding

The tongues of the victims were used as the sidings of the ship,  


It is a full body that is nailed to the front of the ship. The victim was the navigator of the ship and was kept alive for that purpose. When the priests discovered it, The body looked up at them, This victim was female who was naked, Although her body was intacted there was some missing parts, She was missing some fingers and even a eyeball, She was covered in scars from the waves and rough surfaces the ship encountered. she would open her mouth to speak but no words came out only a loud groan or sometimes a scream that pierced the eardrums came out as her tongue was ripped out. The ship can pilot itself through the navigator because of magic  


The skulls of the victims were placed inside the lanterns that dotted the ship, along with the eyeballs that were also placed in the lantern and then it was set on fire, as the eyeballs moved around the fire moved with them.
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13 Sep, 2021 21:45

This is a very terrifying and gruesome ship! It takes the whole "part of the crew, part of the ship" to a whole new level. It must be horrible to be in that constant state of torture.   I can certainly see why people just evacuate when they see the ship arriving. Only the sounds coming from that ship would be enough to give people nightmares. Cool idea!

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Da da da da da da da da da da da da. <- Insert Pirates of the Caribbean theme.   This is actually really cool, and the shanty is perfect.

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This exceeds all expectations I had from hearing you speak about it on the WA Discord. A ship powered by four beating hearts? YES! You've done it. I'm officially creeped out (in a good way).

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"part of the crew part of the ship, PART OF THE CREW PART OF THE SHIP"   Some very nice horror and gore mixed up into this nightmare of a ship! I like the backstory behind who built the ship, and why. I think I will keep my distance from the Goddess of Torture :P I liked the detail about how cities fear the ship and have a specific type of warning for when it draws near.   Also, it was interesting that the ship has multiple means of propulsion! An engine (powered by hearts, nice), a sail, and lung-windbags to fill those sails I assume?

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