Sable Aradia Lapin

Right Hand of the Queen Sable Lapin (a.k.a. Sable Bright-Eyes)


Early Life

Sable was born on the outskirts of the captial of the Kingdom of Kingdom of Sevewyr To noble parents who were considered the most loyal to the kingdom. Early life consisted of going to functions within the kingdom, such as attending functions with her parents that included meeting the Queen of love a number of times. Sable grew up around the royal court, It was this upbringing and that of her family high prestige that would help later on. For almost all of house lapin has served the royal court for generations. Sable would not be the exception as her family would make it clear ( atleast her mother would ) that she was to serve the court. Most of house lapin women have served the court in some way. But sable it would turn out would get the highest honor in the kingdom, serving as the right hand of the Queen.  


Sable had the finest tutors in the kingdom, Which would tutor her about the goddess of love, The history of the kingdom and the adminstration of the realm as well as reading and writing which was most important. this education would be expanded to include miltary training as well which would come later on once she was a teen. All of this was to prepare her for a life in the court of the Queen of love. When it was decided that she would become the right hand of the queen, She was then taught how to rule a kingdom in a fair and just way.


Sable would first start off as a Assistant to the right hand of the queen, often she would go from one room to another with papers and other messages for the other council postions, It was not uncommon for her to peak at the messages before delivering them to the office, She would do this for a number of years until the retirement of the right hand and it was time to choose another who would take her place. The decision was not a hard one, It would be decided that sable would asend to the postion of right hand of the queen who was very fond of her and her family house lapin. So it was decided and the council agreed that she would serve as Right hand of the Queen.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Sable most proud Accomplishment is becoming the right hand of the queen, Serving the kingdom she loves and protecting its citzens from the bullies in the world that would dare strike at the kingdom. She is firecly protective of the kingdom and of the queen she servers under.
Sable is also proud of making the kingdom stronger in general, making sure that all citzens of the kingdom had some form of protection when traveling about and making sure that no harm came from bandits or wild animals.

Failures & Embarrassments

One of the major things that she feels like she failed was not doing enough to protect the Town of Silverwind from Siege of Silverwind which saw the town completely taken over by the Kingdom of Reaveth. Thousands were believed killed or enslaved by the kingdom and it was a major source of failure and embrassment for Sable. Since she believed it was her duty to protect all the citizens of the kingdom. Nothing broke her heart more than hearing the stories of the suriviors talking about how the women were sent to camps or killed outright and how the town burned to the ground.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Sable is fit and agile due to her training with the miltary, Her legs are the strongest part of her body and are toned, this is also due to the miltary training regiment that she went through, Her blond hair is long and reaches her lower back.

Identifying Characteristics

Her Bright blue eyes are what makes her unique and stand out. People have said that her bright blue eyes are what captivates them and brings a sense a calm when they look at them. they are also very alluring

Personality Characteristics


She is motivated to keep the way of life the way it is protecting it at all cost. Nothing makes her more angry than seeing the kingdom or its citsens harmed in anyway by bullies who dare strike at the kingdom and what it stands for. it is because of this way of thinking that the queen of love believed she would be the perfect right hand, someone that will when the Queen is busy be in her place to rule the kingdom and mainstain order and stablity.


Contacts & Relations

She has a very close relationship to the Queen of love and the organzation Sisterhood of the goddess. More so with the Queen of love who she grew up with during her early years. they grew to become very close friends over the years, having went through the same tutoring and miltary training together and growing up in the same sphere of influnce.

Family Ties

Sable is very close to house lapin. But when she took it over, she changed the way the house was, Instead of her children being of her blood, She instead took in orphans and became a foster parent instead, She must rather help those who needed it like children without parents and orphans from wars. She expanded the family manor to be able to accept more children into her home.

Religious Views

She believes firmly in the goddess of love and her teachings.


She speaks in a proper but often times blunt ways, She is not afraid to speak her mind or say how she really feels, Despite her " Proper " tutoring that taught her otherwise, This way of speaking at times has made others on the council blink there eyes a few times or roll them. But in general the people love her for being blunt when speaking at times as often times most will try to sugar coat how they feel.

Hobbies & Pets

One of the many secrets of House Lapin is that the house is known for raising bunnies, It is for this reason that Sable is known to have a few pet bunnies in her office and even more so in the house manor!. It is also why the house Sigial is of a bunny which was a change that sable introduced once becoming head of the family due to her love of bunnies

Wealth & Financial state

Due to being appointed to the right hand of the queen, Sable and house Lapin became wealthy. But Sable being she was the head of the house of lapin, Did not use the wealth to make her estate better, but instead she use her personal wealth to help the citzens of the kingdom, She funded orphanges and schools and other building projects as well as raising funds for the Sisterhood of the goddess who invested in the community building homes and places of worship of the goddess among other things.
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Right Hand of the Queen of love
Mother of all the Orphans
Biological Sex
Bright Blue Eyes
Long blonde hair
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Pale white
120 lbs
Aligned Organization
Other Affiliations


Sable Bright-Eyes

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