Order of the Rising Sun

Our goddess appears once a day when the sun rises. She wakes the world with her rays before she merges with the sun. She does this every day for if she does not the world would be forever dark
  The order of the rising sun is a religious order that worships the rising sun in the east each day to bring forth the light for the world. If the sun does not rise, they view it as a bad omen that the dark days are coming. To members of the order, nothing is more important than ensuring that the sun rises each day so that it can beat back the shadows and give the world light. They do this with prayers to the goddess, which empowers her to beat back the dark each day until she is high in the sky and powerful enough to keep the darkness at bay for 12 hours. The 12 hours of dark is a time of preparation for the dawn the next day. They do this by reading the holy books of the goddess and preparing the incense and getting some rest.

Founding of the Order

They found the order when the sun did not rise in the world during a time of great darkness. A group of men and woman gathered together in a cave and prayed that the sun would rise again. They would do this each morning when the sun should rise, normally hoping someone would hear their prayers.They would do this for months, which turned into years before they got a response from a goddess. Who told them to create an order of the rising sun in her name so that she might have the power to rise each day and fight the shadows.


The order of the rising sun is organized into a council that oversees the order itself. On this council, everyone is equal and a majority must agree before anything can be done. If a majority does not agree, then a new rule fails or action is not taken. Outside of the council, those that come after broken up into different groups with each separate group lead by a council who oversees it and reports back to the main council daily leads each group. Those groups are:  
  • Exploration
  • Missionary
  • Defence


It tasked this part of the order with exploring the world and finding unknown places to create temples for the goddess of the rising sun. They seek places that are high in the mountains with a clear view of the east so that they may see her rise. The order believes that each temple helps strengthen the goddess making her able to beat back the shadows easier  


This part of the order goes into towns and preaches the importance of the goddess of the rising sun. Tells the people of the town they must create a temple to the goddess and have the order run it to make sure she can beat back the shadows. They preach the goddess is the only one keeping the shadows at bay and she needs all the help she can get.


One of the most important groups of the order is the defence of the temples. They tasked this branch of the order with protecting each one from harm. Both from people who do not agree and from the shadows themself who they say sends agents and demons to the temples to disrupt them.

The Sun must rise

Religious, Monastic Order


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George Sanders
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Looks good. I like the quote and myth story to link the organization into the world.   "The sun not rising for years is a bad omen for sure. Unparalleled faith allowed the Order of the Rising Sun to wake a goddess. I believe they will be successful in their Exploration, Missionary, and Defence efforts." - Lavani

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