Nicodemus Kleio

One would think that history tells the whole truth, But that is not true, History likes to leave out the everyday men and woman and give them no name. I am differnt for my aim is to include them all
  My Name is Nicodemus of house Kleio, I was born in the town of Town of Silverwind to a wealthy merchant and a brothel owner who he fell in love with. My father was once a proud merchant in the Kingdom of Reaveth Before his exile that sent him over the mountain pass and into the town of silverwind. My mother's family owned a brothel, and she became owner after my grandmother passed away many seasons ago. Because of my father’s wealth, I could afford a private tutor who was also a historian, and he taught me everything about history and how one should view it. For him, nothing was more important than getting to the truth of events and filtering out propaganda from historical fact. Not a simple thing to do when you live in a town that borders your family's former home and who people believed were evil.  


It was not long before i left the city and secretly crossed over the border back into Reaveth, I had to know the truth, as my tutor said. I was not over 20 years old when I set off on this adventure. The trek was difficult and on the way, patrolling guards nearly caught me. But when i made it to the first town, they surprised me when i entered the small library. I went over to find a book to read and stumbled upon a book about the history of the world. The book broke up the world into ages, although it was a old book and thus the names of the ages could not be made out. But on the pages it talked about how the world was before. What surprised me was that the first age mentioned was not the first age that i learned about. Instead, the first age was called “The Age of Dragons”. How could this be.. A lost age that history does not talk about? I had to find out more

Perception of the past

It was not long after that discovery in the book that I needed to find out more about this forgotten age. I went from library to library and in some I had no such luck, but in others i found pieces from one book and then from another book that talked about this forgotten age. They taught us about the ages in school or by tutors, but they do not talk about the age of dragons. a Time when the world had dragons living on it. Not just one or two, but thousands across the known world. This means that Daemonium is older than what it is known. But not only that, but the book talks of houses and people long forgotten from history. It became my job and duty to give them a voice and to make sure they are not forgotten. The perception of the past is wrong.. It did not start from an age of sin.. But a age before it.
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