Lovers blood

Our blood is sacred to the goddess, For when we freely give it to her, She in turn makes it to a gem that is given to her followers. But only those in love are able too for that is the key, Love is what makes our blood differnt from the rest
  Lovers blood is considered a rare material that is used in potion making and amulet making. It is the blood that courses through those in love and it is considered sacred by those who follow the teaching of the goddess, For the blood of lovers is used in the creation of love potions and love amulets which are infused in a special way with the blood of lovers. For those making love potions, only lovers blood is able to be used as was instucted by the goddess herself who wanted her followers to spread love throughout the known world.

History & Usage


It was said that the goddess herself poured her blood into vials and gave them to the first followers and instucted them to give it to the first people they meet in a town. She also told them that only blood of those in love would work. Those lessions would be passed down to the first Queen of love and other female followers of the goddess who would go on to form the temple of love in honor of the goddess. The blood would be used in the creation of amulets and potions as well as being part of the temples of the goddess of love herself.

Everyday use

The most common use for lovers blood is in making love potions and amulets. Those gifted with the knowlage of making potions are able to do so with minium amount of lovers blood per potion


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