Kingdom of Reaveth

The Kingdom of Reaveth considers itself to be the purest Kingdom in the known World. From the moment of its creation by the god of the Shadows who handed control over to House Shadowbow who would rule in his name. It was given a mandate that demanded that it spread the shadows a religion based on the beliefs that only those who embraced them would live and those who did not will become slaves or die across the world . This belief was core to how society functioned. At the top of the caste system was the Shadow King chosen by the god of shadows himself. In the eyes of the Citizens of the Kingdom of Reaveth, He was a living god one that fully embraced the shadows and became one with them . Everything that happened in the Kingdom was because of him. From the birth of a child to battles being won it was because of him and his direct communication with the Shadow God and the proper Rituals he did to please the powerful Shadow God. Succession to the Kingship was done in a battle in the Shadow Arena. Where those deemed worthy of being a successor fought to the death until only one of them was declared the next shadow King

Succession law in the Kingdom

The Kingdom inheritance follows the Agnatic-Cognatic succession law which states that woman can only inherit a piece of land if there are no other males relatives in their family.
  • Firstborn Son
  • Second Born Son
  • Third born son
  firstborn sons are considered heirs to their family and thus are required by law to go join the army. If they survive their army service, they are required by law to learn the duties of being an heir once home.  


The Kingdom of Reaveth believes in only one God who they call the Shadow God. Worship of this god is required in the kingdom, For it is a core belief that if a citizen does not pray to the Shadow God, then the Kingdom loses favor. Religion and state go together  

Kingdom of Reaveth private goals

The goal of the kingdom of reaveth is to wipe out love from the world and make sure everyone follows the sacred marriage law that makes it a capital crime to have relations with someone who is not your spouse, They also wish to summon the Shadow God to the world so he could finish what he started according to the scrolls.  

Court system

in the Kingdom of Reaveth, all final decisions are handed down by the king as his word is law, although the Shadow God can overrule him in rare cases. But there is a process that happens before it gets to him
  • Step 1 - The first step in the process is to bring it to one of the Shadow courts located in the person district and have them hear the case. A judge will make a ruling on the case.
  • Step 2 - The second step is the case is brought before the Shadow Council ,which is composed of the top 5 families in the kingdom. They hear the case and make a judgment.They look at the case and make a ruling. If they can not come to a decision or if the King decides that he will take on the case than it reaches the king and he makes a final ruling.
  • Step 3 - The case is finally brought before the Shadow King Himself who ruling is final. At this point the only person that can overrule him is the Shadow God himself.
  But if one feels lucky and they believe the shadow god favors them they can take their case to the high priest of the Shadow God. In this process, the case is read before the Shadow god and he makes a ruling. This ruling cannot be overturned at all and it is considered final and unlike with the kings ruling, nobody can overrule the Shadow Gods decision. There is some dispute among some who believe that it is the High priest who makes a ruling but as of now nobody has challenged it.  


  The kingdoms military is composed of mostly Shadow Demons.The army is set up with a hierarchy with the Queen of the Kingdom in charge of it. This was a Tradition that was past down from the old empire that stated that The monarch's wife would be in charge of the military while the man would be in control everything else about the Kingdom. This was set up so that the King needed the support of his Queen in order to go to war. For she was in charge of the Army.   Besides the Shadow Demons, the army is composed of men from throughout society. It is a law that all sons must serve in the military if they are first born. second born children are not required unless the firstborn son dies. The Shadow Demons are not allowed to reach the higher ranks of the military only the humans ( As this is a state secret as nobody knows they are in the army )  

Noble families of Reaveth

  • House Shadowbow
  • House Ambrose
  • House Amador
  • House Sorem
  • House Ciel
  • House Amador


Kingdom of Reaveth council Description
Shadow King The head of state and head of all the temples in the land.
Shadow Queen Wife of the Shadow Emperor
General of the Army Head of the Empires military and town guards
High Priest High priest of the Shadow God.
Head of the Kingdoms guards' Head of the Kingdoms Elite guards
Shadow Minister Right hand man of the King

Public Agenda

To the public, the Kingdom proclaims themselves the true successors of the Shadow Empire and have a desire to reform the empire once they take back the lands that broke away. They proclaim that once the empire is restored it will be stronger and more stable and free of sin
Organizations inside of the Kingdom
Geopolitical, Theocracy
Alternative Names
The Shadow Kingdom
Related Myths


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