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Journey into the forest of skógur.

When the shadow king broke through the mountain pass into the lands beyond. He first sent scouts and explorers into the new lands and tasked them with finding out what lies beyond. The first step into these unknown lands was what a local called the forest of skógur which the local said was home to creatures that only nightmares could create   . This is account is written from army Scout Theodosius. who along with a small band of warriors made their way through the forest. this journal was written by Theodosius and it talks about his journey inside of the forest and the things that happened to him and his team. his body was never discovered.       Written on the bottom of the document is a special message for those reading. Dare to see what it is?

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Do you see what the world truly is
A place filled with unwashed sin
Do not be afraid for i will return
it is time for the world to see the truth
that only you and i can see
it is time
To make us whole again


The main purpose was to inform the shadow council of the finding of the scouts who were sent into the forest for exploration as well as to report back any findings they come across such as another civilization. But instead, the document talks about the horrors the scouts faced in the forest and the creatures they encountered.   But instead it was turned into a personal journal of the horrors that the party faced in the forest.

Document Structure

Publication Status

The journal was never made public in the kingdom. Once discovered the journal and read by the high priest it was taken to the church of the shadow god and locked away. The reason was that it mentioned a creature of the shadow god that was long thought to have only been a myth.

Historical Details


The journal was turned into propaganda by the church who read from its " contents " during the sermons. Telling the people about the horrors of the lands beyond the kingdom and how the war of conquest was going to free the people of the world from the nightmares. It also mentions who was responsible for the horrors and that it was once again a sign the goddess of love needed to be stop once and for all.

Public Reaction

Although the contents were never made public. The public reacted to the readings from the churches and temples in a way that was expected. some of the most devout of followers soon signed up to join the army so they could help free the world.

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