Hospitium Curatio autem Amor

Hospital for the treatment of Love

The Kingdom of Reaveth wanted a way to treat those afflicted with the love sickness.Or at least they wanted the public to believe they were treating those who have gotten the love sickness. Treatment in the eyes of the Church of the Shadow God has a different meaning when it comes to those affected by something the goddess of love spreads. For there was no known treatment for love. Nothing could be done for those that have been infected and fallen ill by the disease called love. The Kingdom knew this and thus established a place that would be for long term " Treatment " for those who have fallen ill by it. They called it Hospitium Curatio autem Amor which roughly translates to hospital for the treatment of love.

Purpose / Function

The purpose or atleast the public purpose of the hosptial is to treat those who have been infected with the love diease. It is meant to treat the goddess afflection which is differnt from the normal " Love " that people have for one or another. This was of course was not the truth, Those sent to the hosptial for treatment are for the most part women although men have been sent there as well and most have not been in contact with a follower of the goddess, Instead they just fell in love and the kingdom rounded them up and sent them to the hosptial for treatment. But of course the treatment was nothing more than a front for experiments that were conducted on the " Patients " Experiments done in the name of science and in the name of the shadow god.


The Hospitium Curatio autem Amor is a four story 180,000 square foot castle in a isloated part of the captial province of the kingdom of Reaveth. The building is designed in such a way that each of the " Paitents " are in isolated rooms away from each other and that each floor has 100 paitents each. On each floor besides the rooms there was a room for treatment and labatories which would do research into what exactaly causes love and looked into ways to treat those who have fallen ill by it. those treatments atleast were kingdom and church approved. Each floor had a long tunnel like hallway that made it easier to get paients to and from the floors and also get them onto the ground floor when needed

The ground floor though housed the main office of the director of the hosptial and other staff that help run the hosptial. This was the section of the ground floor open to the public. But there is one section of the ground floor that is forbidden for anyone to enter unless they are part of the church. Its in this section that there are rooms where experiments are done on those that have been infected with the love diease. Where they are studied in the attempts to figure out just what it does to the people. screams are often heard as experiments are conducted on the paitents.

Experiment rooms

In the first room the hallway was filled with beds with spaces in between to give room for the physicians, The woman in this room all had small holes in their stomachs which never healed. Recognizing the unique opportunity to observe the "Lust parasite in action, the physicians began conducting experiments. they would tie food to a string, then insert it through the hole in the woman's stomach. Every few hours, they would remove the food to observe how it had been digested or consumed by the parasite. for some, they were not fed anything at all to see if the hole in the stomach would form a mouth like on the Skuggabj├Ârn. Of course they knew a women could never have it form, But that was there justifciation for the experiment


In a room called the rack room because of the rack-like devices lined up in neat lines. women were placed on the racks, 5 per row. The woman's hands and feet tied or chained to rollers at one or both ends of a wooden frame. The physician turned the rollers with a handle, which pulled the chains or ropes in increments and stretched the women's joints, often until they dislocated. If the physician continued turning the rollers, the women's arms and legs could be torn off which often happened as they wanted to see just how much pain a woman could take and if the parasite that lived within all woman would help them endure the pain or not


In a dark room something was unsual. In this room there was row after row of wooden tubs all standing upwards in even rows in the room. What one also notices is that each of the tubs is connected via ceramic piping. Which allowed hot water to flow into the tubs. But these were not for baithing as one might expect. The water that was pumped into the tubs was super hot and meant to burn the women that stood in them.


The hosptial was set up by the church soon after the first outbreak of love was found in a village. They knew they had to act quickly before it would spread in the kingdom. They were in luck and a old castle had just lost its remaining heir. They quickly purchased the castle and began work to convert it into a hosptial. Moving quickly because they knew that love could spread quickly if not contained, It took about a year before it was done and the hosptial could admit its first patients.
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There are no treatments for love, Those sent to this hosptial are not being treated for the affiction they have. The public believes they are because they are like sheep. They want to believe the church cares.. But the church does not. Its has its own goals and ways to experiment on people while being under the guise of healing.


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