Demonic mines

You may be wondering, Just what are the demons mining, And to tell you the truth we are not sure, all we know that mines have appeared on the continent itself. Not only mined by demons but also other races enslaved by the demons. We are not sure what those other races are just yet, maybe you will discover them, Although we do know of a elves who call themselfs Scourge Elves
  The demon mines as they are called because the workers are all demonic are scattered all around the Continent of Sin and Abomination, Nobody has any real idea just what they are mining because the materials they bring to the surface looks like nothing we have seen before. It is completely black like basalt, But it does not seem to be solid as a rock like you would expect from Basalt, although it appears that way at first until it is touched The church wants some samples and maybe you can bring them back to be examined just what the demons are mining.

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Cover image: Demonic miners by ShadowMalachi Via MidJourney


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