Church of the Shadow God

The Chruch of the shadow god is the most important organzation in the Kingdom. They have there hands in almost every aspect of society and are known to influnce even the shadow kings themselfs. For them there is nothing more important that spreading the word of the shadow god and preparing society for his return. For they believe only they can speak for the lord of shadows as his voice in the world.      

Chruch Founding

To the public, the church was founded the day of the kingdoms creation after the deadly civil war that destroyed an empire.. The purpose of the church was to help the people of the kingdom recover from the war by offering them hope and faith in a new god who will see that they live a happy and prosperous life. And so the church was founded by the first shadow king of reaveth. In a show of thanks and respect, all shadow kings would become the head of the church figuratively if not symbolically as they hold no real power in the church. the true power lies with the high priest who oversees the church    

Selection of the high priest

the high priest is selected by the shadow king himself with the advice of the shadow god. the shadow king has a meeting with all the priests of the church in the main courtyard of the temple. the king than filters out who he considers to be the most faithful and one that has mastered the teachings of the shadow god. from that group they are a force to spill their blood onto the altar in the middle of the courtyard one by one. from the blood, the shadow king will find the one that is most pure and faithful and he shall be considered the new high priest of the church of the shadow god.


  • Shadow King - figuretive leader of the church and king of reaveth. They live in the shadow palace
  • Shadow High priest - The third in command and in charge of the day to day operations of the Church.
  • Shadow bishop -

Public Agenda

To the public the church was founded the day of the kingdoms creation after the deadly civil war that destroyed a empire.. The purpose of the church was to help the people of the kingdom recover from the war by offering them hope and faith in a new god who will see that they live a happy and prosperous life. On top of this public commitment the church help rebuild neighborhoods and cities setting up organizations and local churches in order to do so. In return the church asked the royal family to officially support them and declare their god the only god allowed to be worshiped in the kingdom.   For the first decades of the kingdoms life, the relationship between the monarchy and the church was one of mutual respect. Every year the church would ask the royal family for funding and it would be granted it. The church claimed the funding was to build more local churches and to convert people to the true faith. But in secret, the money was used for another purpose.. One that was hidden from the public


The church of the shadow God is believed to be the power behind the throne of Reaveth. They control all aspects of the Kingdom though appointments to important positions in the Kingdom.  
  • Shadow inquisition - Main purpose is to root out followers of the goddess of love and other heretics and heathens who refuse or do not follow the teachings of the shadow god
  • knights of shadow - this elite group of knights have fully embraced the shadows. They clad themselves in black armor to honor the shadow god and his teachings. they are found guarding the tombs of the shadow lords as well as the tombs of the shadow kings.


To the public, the church was founded the day of the kingdoms creation after the deadly civil war that destroyed an empire.. The purpose of the church was to help the people of the kingdom recover from the war by offering them hope and faith in a new god who will see that they live a happy and prosperous life.

Cosmological Views

The Chruch of the shadow god believes the creation of the world was created by the Shadow God who created the world in his palm using the Shadows. For the first thousand years, he and his wife ruled the world under a mighty empire. Until one day he found his cheating on him with another god and in his anger, he split the Empire that ruled the world. Creating two Separate Kingdoms in his anger. But in doing so he inspired all that followed him and his teachings to rid the world of love and the corruption that comes with it. for only when love is eliminated will he return to rule the world and usher in another age of shadow.   The world according to the church is in constant conflict between shadow and love. those that side with love are blind by its lies and redemption is far for them, while those that side with shadow can see the world for what it truly is. a world that broke by the actions of a goddess whose followers infects the world. for it was the goddess that caused the age of shadow to end when it did. it is the goddess that released sin into the world. and it is the duty of the church to root out the sin and all those infected by it.

Tenets of Faith

The Chruch preaches the following  

War against love

There is no hope for those that fall in love. Love is a sickness whose cure is death. For those that fall in love are under the control of the sinister woman who lures them away from the shadow god. All pious believers must do their part in rooting out love and turning in those that preach about the sinister woman or follow her teachings.  

Return of the shadow lords 

The shadow lords will return and finish what they started. they will call upon the faithful and true believers to join their army and become soldiers for the shadow god. they will start the invasion of the world and the final purge of the unworthy and unpure who along with love are unworthy to live in the new shadow empire. For they will pave the way for the return of the shadow god who will rule the world like he did All Those Years Ago  

Book of Shadows

  Considered to be the holy book of the shadow god who wrote it long ago when the world was ruled by him. The book lists rules to be followed and teachings to be learned. It stresses the importance of marriage and being faithful to one's spouse. It also talks about the proper way to worship the shadow god and what rituals to follow.   Over the years the church has changed the sacred book and added new chapters to it. Since none of the public is allowed to possess the book and it can only be read to them in a church. The church was free to add whatever they wanted to it in the name of the shadow god and public good. One of the first things added was the exclusion of women from services and the segregation of unmarried woman and men. They also added punishments for infidelity and worshiping of a goddess called the sinister woman who was said to destroy kingdoms and empires by causing woman to cheat on their husbands and breaking up sacred marriages.   The punishments added to the book of shadows are meant publicly to discourage people from breaking the sacred laws and teachings of the shadow god who was said to grow angry when he saw people breaking their vows. It is also meant as an example to woman in the kingdom that the church would not stand by and watch them destroy the kingdom. Some examples of punishments are burning at the stake, public shaming   The punishments for men added to the book of shadows were less harsh than the ones for the woman. But equally they are meant to discourage men from breaking the sacred marriage law. Men are sent to prisons to reform themselves and to repent to the shadow god.


  1. Bloodletting daily in order to prove your blood has remain pure
  1. Reading from the book of shadows at given times during the day
  1. bathing daily to cleanse once self from filth while praying to the shadow god
Religious, Organised Religion
Head of State
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Power Structure
Unitary state
Legislative Body
Within the chruch there is a body of priests who oversee the governing of the laws of the chruch. this body is called the Umbra consilium which are all appointed by the superus umbra sacerdos. There are a total of 12 members of the Umbra consilium who are in charge of creating laws and amending old ones that are outdated. They all serve at the discression of the superus umbra sacerdos who can dimiss them at any time for any reason.
Judicial Body
For those that seek justice within the chruch, There is a body called the judicium de Umbra Deus who are in charge of follwoing the laws and deciding if a person is guilty or innocent. There are no trials within the chruch only a body which determines guilty via looking at the blood of the accused and determining that way if the person is innocent or guilty. If the blood is light it means they are guilty, If the blood is darker than they are innocent as one is a indication of the influnce of the goddess of love while the other is the influnce of the shadow god. For only those having the influnce of the shadow god could ever be considered innocent while those who are being influnced by the goddess of love are guilty
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