Children of the Goddess of Love

Filii deae amoris

The sacred book of love mentioned a group of woman called the Filii deae amoris. Which translated means children of the goddess of love. It goes on to say that because of them, The world was at peace for thousands of years first under kingdoms and then under a empire. For it they that introduced the world to a marriage of love -Queen of love Sasha

The children of the goddess of love, Or Filii deae amoris are the direct children and later decedents of the goddess of love herself who were around until the great purge which wiped them all out. It was said that the goddess had seven daugthers,each daugther would be sent off to each of the known continents of the world to form kingdoms in each of them. These Kingdoms although separated by a distance at first, were linked by conquest by a powerful queen later on who would form an empire that spanned across the known world. This empire would ensure the teachings of the goddess were maintained, and that peace was kept. This peace ensured the growth of the world in technology, which under peace lead to significant innovations.

Vraeneian Kingdom

Out of all the kingdoms formed by the original daugthers of the goddess of love, only one of them had the most impact on the world and in the region that it was founded in. This kingdom was called Vraeneian which was founded along the banks of a river locals believed to be connected to a goddess of their own. This Kingdom would be ruled by female rulers for all of its history. The civilization that formed was rooted in the teachings of the goddess and it was through this kingdom a concept that would later be found in the empire was formed. The rulers of Vraeneian would find themselfs in a struggle with a new religion and kingdom that formed alongside of them not long after their founding. This smaller kingdom was male dominated and worshiped a god they called the shadow god . The rulers of Vraeneian used diplomatic marriage to unite the two kingdoms together. And it was through this that later generations would use marriage to keep the followers of the shadow god and the followers of the goddess of love in balance.

Love is Key

For the Filii deae amoris, Everything they did was according to the goddess and according to the principles of love. The way they governed was not by fear but by love and compassion. Each of the kingdoms they formed would rule in the same way, The biggest impact they had on the world was they introduced it to love and how one could rule a kingdom with love instead of tyranny, Even when faced with war, They showed that marriage could solve issues as much as armies could. It was part of their culture that love played the most important part.
Symbol of love by ShadowMalachi Via MidJourney

Conquest by marriage

In the name of the Goddess, I take you to be my spouse ,I promise to never lose our spark and to always do the little things to make you happy. I will always love you no matter what. Lets united our people together to bring about peace -Marriage vows for Queens of Vraeneian
Another important impact the children of the goddess of love had on the world. Was how they conquer the known world. It was not by military force but by marriage. They made these marriages not strictly just for political gain but in the name of love as well. They saw marriage as an extension of love itself and use it to achieve goals they have set out. Rulers from local tribes to other kingdoms would meet with the kingdoms formed by the children of the goddess of love and their decedents and over time they would slowly fall in love. It was also not uncommon for same-sex relationships and marriages to happen. Love was love and marriage was marriage no matter who was getting married to whoever their heart's desires.
Conquest by Marriage by ShadowMalachi Via MidJourney

The Lovers Tavern

Only those truly in love with another can find the tavern. The tavern is much more than just a place for one to get a drink and a bite to eat. It is a getaway from the world with the one person who truly loves you. The tavern knows this and makes sure that whatever your heart desires; it creates for you.
One of the lasting legacies of the children of the goddess and the civilzation they left behind was the lovers tavern. Although nobody is sure which one of the daughters created it or for what reason, It is here they left behind a legacy that would be remembered, For it was said it was built on the very spot where love first happened, Legend says it was the goddess herself falling in love with the shadow god. It was built for lovers to express their love without fear, to be able to escape the world for a time. To this day it remains hidden unless one is in love. The tavern impact is felt by lovers from all over who experience that it was like for a time to live during the time of the Filii deae amoris

Burial Customs

A lasting legacy of the children of the goddess of love is the burial custom. From the start, they choose to be buried in pyramids that dotted the landscape their kingdoms were in. Protected by magic and guards from tomb robbers, the people they ruled over built these tombs. It was here and only here that men were around as they lived in the workers’ camps, overseeing and building the pyramids. Each of the pyramids were unique and represented the Queens that were buried inside of them. For non queens they were buried in pyramids but in smaller ones next to the larger ones.
Pyramids of Queens by ShadowMalachi Via MidJourney
Inside of the Pyramids, scholars have found intact writing on the wall from the entrance to the burial chamber itself, it tells the tale about the journey one takes to meet with the goddess once more, How they journey itself lasts 12 hours to reach the goddess, Along the way one sees their life before them and the deeds they have done. This had led scholars to map out each queen rule and what they accomplished. In the non queen tombs much of the same is found, except it only mentions what they did during their lives.

Burial chamber of Iseueri

In the burial chamber of the first Queen of Vraeneian Iseueri , One could see the true dedication to love and the goddess. One side of the burial chamber is the queen and on the opposite side is her husband. On the middle wall, they meet together and hold hands with each other and the goddess herself is blessing their marriage. On the walls next to the two images are dedication made to each other about loving each other for eternity. It is here that one could see just how much love meant to them. That marriage was about loving one’s partner. This scene repeats in each of the pyramids regardless of the gender of the spouse. Love was love, and it did not matter who you loved, be it your gender or the opposite gender.  

Common Etiquette

A common Etiquette that was practice was the kissing of the cheeks of friends or even strangers in greetings. It meant to show ones love for another even after a defeat in a debate or a heated arguement, It symbolized the love one had for the other regardless of what was happening currently, Disputes could be ended with a simple show of compassion or love for the other party. Often times a debate or even a deal would be sealed with a kiss on the cheeks.  

Are there any remaining?

There are none alive today that could claim to be decedents of the goddess of love or her seven daughters. There is evidence to suggest they were all wiped out in a great purge when the demons invaded the world through portals, killing most of the world’s population in a week. And there is no evidence of them appearing after the purge, leading many to believe they are truly extinct on Daemonium  


Children of the Goddess of Love

Reason behind the name

They are called Children of the goddess of love because they are the offspring of the goddess of Love. It is an affectionate term when one can be considered a child of the goddess. As it is a great honor because it means one has taken on all the aspects of her and her children that she bore who influence was felt around the world. Few today could be considered children of the goddess and those are are held in high regard in the kingdom of Sevewyr society


Filii deae amoris legacy endures, although hidden from most of the public and in the books they left behind. In many of the books, it talks about a technology called the steam engine, which, if the books are to be believed, goes into detail just what a steam power engine was. It says the following,
It operated by atmospheric pressure on the top face of a piston in a cylinder, in the lower part of which steam was condensed to create a partial vacuum. The piston was connected to one end of a rocking beam, the other end of which carried the pumping rod in the mine shaft.
These have yet to be found and have only been mentioned in the books as part of the technology that made up the Filii deae amoris Kingdom of Vraeneian

Ladies of love

History tells of the three most important Filii deae amoris. These were chosen not to become queens of Vraeneian but to become ladies of love who were chosen to marry a lord of shadow. A sacred marriage that ensured that there was a balance between shadow and love. Although there was peace in the world, a balance was still needed to be maintained between the two powerful forces. With this marriage, those who wielded shadow magic and those who wield love magic were equal, with neither one able to overcome the other.  

The three important ladies of love

The heavenly Céleste


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Cover image: Children of the goddess by ShadowMalachi Via MidJourney
  • 8000

    The first Daughters
    Life, Birth

    The Goddess of love gives birth to 7 daugthers, Each one was sent off to a seperate contient of the world. Their task was to form a kingdom on each one and have it be based on the teachings of the goddess herself. Each Kingdom will be indepdent and be ruled by a Queen

    1. Amuniritis
    2. Ankarama
    3. Mukamutara
    4. Hippodamia
    5. Ianeira
    6. Artemidora
    7. Iseueri

  • 7900

    Vraeneian Kingdom is created

    The Kingdom of Vraeneian is created by Queen Iseueri. Iseueri is the youngest of the goddess of love children and forms the kingdom along a river bank. The River provides the Kingdom with food yearly and from their the kingdom becomes one of the most prosperious in the world.

  • 7500

    Queen Iseueri Death
    Life, Death

    Vraeneian Queen Iseueri dies peacefully, She is buried in the first pyramid in a Royal burial ground that will be the final resting place for all future Queens of Vraeneian. Hers is one of the largests and is in the center of the Royal burial ground. Her death set off a period of mourning and a cornonation of the next queen. this legacy will be passed on for generation to generation, Each successive queen buries there Predecessor before their coronation.   Her husband is buried in the same pyramid. Other male family members are buried elsewhere in their own royal cemetary

  • 7499

    Coronation of Selena
    Political event

    Selena the second daugther of Queen Iseueri is crowned as the next Queen of Vraeneian in a expensive cornonation ceramony. This legacy will be passed down from queen to queen, Each coronation has the new Queen take a vow to live up to the teachings of the goddess and spread love across the world. The Queen wears a red dress and the crown is made of red flowers to repersent love and the goddess.  

    Young Queen of Vraeneian by ShadowMalachi Via MidJourney

  • 7498

    Mummification perfected
    Technological achievement

    The art of Mummfication is perfected and offered to everyone in society. The process is streamlined for the common people and made affordble. Married couples are buried together and children are buried in the same tomb as other family members. All across the seven kingdoms this is the custom.
      This custom would last into the Imperatrix amoris, Ending only when the empire was destoryed.  

    buried couple by ShadowMalachi Via MidJourney

  • 7200

    Seven Kingdoms united
    Political event

    The seven Kingdoms that the orginal daughters of the goddess of love created are united together to form a empire. They are untied by a young queen by the name of Nefertari a decedent of Iseueri who through romantic marriages of herself and her daugthers united the seven kingdoms into a great empire. She called it the empire of love or as it is now known Imperium amoris. And she would be crown as the first empress of love, Imperatrix amoris.  

    First Empress of Imperius Amoris by ShadowMalachi Via MidJourney

  • 1000

    First Sighting of a demon
    Discovery, Exploration

    The first demon is spotted on the outskirts of the Imperium amoris by a " navem in aere" or as it is commonly translated a ship in the air. This ship in the air was manned by a woman named Valeria who was well known for alleged discoveries. In her journey she writes about a demonic creature she called a proto demon who was large even from her height and it stared at her before it growled and turned away. She claims she saw other smaller demons as well before she returned back to the captial of the Imperium amoris   This sighting would not be the last and for the next 1000 years, the sightings would increase, This indicates that the magic holding back the demons was weakening before the great purge occured  

    Nightmare creature by ShadowMalachi Via MidJourney

  • 0

    The Great purge

    They say that when the great purge started, That portals to the demon realms opened up across the world killing anyone that stood in there path. That the Empire of love was it was called now stood no chance and that no amount the army size or knowlage of magic and tech would be able to hold back the demons. Millions around the world would die and those that managed to live during the purge would find a world that was changed, The Children of the goddess of love and their decendents were dead. The empire of love collapsed and its people split between two sides.   Tech that remained was abandoned and left to rot, The world was set back to a dark age once more. the cause of the purge a simple marriage between a lord of shadow and lady of love did not happen which caused a imbalance between shadow and love magic. Which cause the opening of portals to demon realms which was held back by the magic.

  • 1

    Age of Dragons begins
    Era beginning/end

    After the great purge and all traces of the children of the goddess were wiped out completely, The age of dragons began. Accounts from this time vary about when the first dragon appeared or when they came from. But they are believed to have made their homes in the mountains that dotted the world and from there influnced the broken people to create new kingdoms of their own. Kingdoms based on the worship of the dragons

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