Animae Umbrae

“ Only the most loyal followers of the shadow God became his shadows, it was the ultimate goal of all of those that follow his teachings and beliefs to become one and It was only open for men of good standing who did not break any of the laws of the shadow god that would make them unworthy of such an honor, Woman are forbidden to ever become a shadow for the shadow god saw no path for them in his world. “ -Local Historian
    There is not a creature more feared than a Animae Umbrae, created from Shadow Sickness or Umbra Languorem at first these creatures were the followers of the Aidoneus Inférnal who believed in the teachings of the god with all of their heart that he rewarded them by changing them into a living shadow who would be his eyes and ears in the world, but little did they realized that these creatures would take on a will of there own as the more that joined them the stronger they became and no longer are they just considered the product of the first shadows but they have become more than that, They have become a force feared across the world for there is no stopping them as they march to there own tune. These creatures live in the darkest corners of the kingdom with the sole purpose of infecting all that come into contact with them. No longer are they just the followers of the shadow god. As the more people, they infect and absorb the more knowledge they gain about the world and the technology that it holds

Basic Information


The Animae Umbrae has all the characteristics of a humanoid creature, It has two arms and two legs, and a head and mouth. But it lacks any muscles or hair on the body. In fact, the creature lacks anything that would resemble a human besides mouth and eyes and the creature is genderless as well. The mouth lacks and teeth or tongue but yet the creature is still able to speak or scream if it wanted to. It is hinted the creature may have lungs to give it the ability to scream but no one has yet been able to determine if that is the case or not.   It also lacks any eyes or any facial features in general

Biological Traits

Every Animae Umbrae is of the same height, weight and has the same characterizes. Regardless of what the host body was before, The outcome is always the same uniformed almost clone-like in that every shadow looks the same. this has allowed the creature population to expand given that even if one was killed another would take its place not too long after without interrupting its purpose for being in that given area

Ecology and Habitats

The Creature tends to live in the caves and in dark places. Preferring to keep out of the light as much as possible. In the caves, they are mostly found in the back of the cave the furthest from the opening due to them being sensitive to light sources. The cave is devoid of any other life.

Additional Information

Social Structure

Animae Umbrae have a sense of a social structure learned from those that they had absorbed from those in the colony. Although they do not have a hierarchy as advance they have formed a system where those newly created would be at the bottom of the social ladder while those with more experience would be at the top. this allowed them to hand out tasks and carry out duties , with each completed task one could move up the ladder with experience and time

Average Intelligence

Each Animae Umbrae that is created gives more knowledge of the world to the others in what is called a hive mind. Each Animae Umbrae brings with it the knowledge of its former self to the other Animae Umbrae who use that information to further there goals. this collective intelligence grows stronger as more and more people are turned into Animae Umbrae.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

They are able to see the best when it is dark out and in dark places. It is believed they are able to use the shadows to see what is around them and able to find their prey. They also have a great sense of hearing even though they lack noticeable ears and this is due to being able to manipulate the shadows to hear ( a working theory ). They are not able to smell their prey either due to a lack of noise. But they are able to pick up the vibrations of people moving around due to being able to pick up the vibrations from the ground.

Civilization and Culture

Major Organizations

Officially they are under the control of the church of the shadow god as the church believes they are a direct blessing from the shadow god himself. but lately, the church has lost control over the creatures and no longer tracks the amount of them in the world. Officially the church believes there are only 100 or so of these creatures in the kingdom.

Average Technological Level

As they absorb people into what is loosely called a collective, they gain the knowledge of the technology used by the people they have absorbed. it was how they learned how to create a ship and sail on the sea to reach other island chains.  they learned how to make weapons although they had no need for them.  Even learning how to build homes as well came from the knowledge of those they absorbed or converted as some would call it


The first shadow appeared on the coast on an island whose name is lost to time., On this island, the second shadow lord Carnicerus gathered his followers and asked who was the most loyal follower. Many men and women approached the shadow lord and proclaimed they were the most loyal and devoted. But it was the last young man to come up that proved he was the most loyal and devoted by killing all of those around him in the name of the shadow lord. He recited his teachings and performed the correct rituals that only a true follower would know. A crowd of local villagers soon formed and grew angry yelling that the young man was not worthy of anything and that only adult men could be true followers.. But the shadow lord raised his hand and silence them. He then dismissed them all and told them to come back the next day and told the young to follow him into a cave. A few hours later the second shadow lord emerged with a shadow and the young man was gone. What happened in the cave nobody knows for sure, but what is known is that the newly created shadow was unleashed on the island turning all those that touched it into shadows. These newly created shadows were forced to stay on this land until the day they are called. For Decades, they remained on the island waiting for the call from the shadow lords. their luck would change one day a ship arrived on the island with a small group of settlers who had come fleeing persecution   The settlers believed the island was uninhabited and soon created a colony. they built homes and other structures to support the colony. And for some time the shadows waited and watched, not making any move unless provoked in the caves. The population boomed and the colony was flourishing within a few years it outgrew its original settlement and began to expand. as it expanded some brave men wanted to explore the local caves. little did they know what horrors awaited them    The first cave the men explored would be their last, As the men made their way into the cave, one of them could hear a faint cry in the distance, The cry could only be one thing a child!, as the men now looked around to find the child that had somehow got lost in the caves, The shadows made there move, they attacked each of the explorers infecting them upon contact and watching in glee in how the men would transform over time into the creatures. some of the creatures had pity and would kill the men to quicken the process, while one of the others took delight in watching. it was not long before new shadows joined them, But these new shadows could not be contained in the caves and with the knowledge, they had from once being human they left the cave and went into the colony itself.    It was not long before the colony was overrun by the Animae Umbrae who had long forgotten that only men could become one of them. they soon were infecting everyone in the colony sparing no one and growing there army. As more people became them they understood more of the world that they had learned from the colony
Animae Umbrae - Creature of Shadow
" There is no hiding from us. For the Animae Umbrae see all and know all. We will find you and we will absorb you into our collective. Our goal is to achive what no other civilzation has achived so far and that is complete and abosolute control over this world and its people " - Animae Umbrae leader
Scientific Name
1000 Years
Average Height
Average Weight
Average Length
175.5 centimeters
Discovered by


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Scary stuff! Interesting how they could mimic the sounds of an infant, though... Is that an ability of theirs?

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thank you for the feedback and yes it is one of their abilities!

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