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Aidoneus Inférnal

Shadow God Aidoneus Inférnal (a.k.a. The one that sees All)

 I pray to the shadow god, To make my blood pure so he can give me his blessing, I offer my blood to you lord of shadow so you can make me pure once more in your eyes
— one of many prayers to the Lord of shadow
  Aidoneus Inférnal was a being present at the creation of the world. It was said he created the world using the shadows themselves and after creating the world he created the first inhabitants of the world who he called Piru (demon) But he was not pleased with the Piru who he deemed to be too barbaric and simple-minded. So he created humanoids in hopes they would follow his divine laws. But the humanoids fought each other and were killing each other off. So he decided that he would become their emperor to bring order to the chaos and make sure they follow his laws   But he knew he could not do this alone and thus he created a female goddess who would rule by his side over his creations. This female goddess was loyal to him and loved him dearly they did everything together and rule over the people in harmony. When it was time to populate the world with other creatures, they did so together. He created them out of shadows and she gave them life and a heart.   But this harmony would not last. The female goddess soon created beings that would worship her alone. Men who would sneak into her bedroom when Aidoneus away. One day he caught his wife with another man in his bed and he executed the man. He demanded to know why she had done this to him. She said she fell in love with the man. It was then he created a box with the shadows and he put into the box lust and love and sealed it. Warning that if it was to be opened the empire would collapse   They kept the box sealed and Aidoneus ruled his empire in peace. For the people did not know about love or lust which made it easy to tell them the horrors that comes from both.  He told them they must be ever diligent for the " Great evils " for once it spreads it will be the downfall of the empire. And for centuries the people did just that watching for even the smallest trace of sin. They were not alone as Aidoneus joined them in there watch and created the shadows along with the first champions who were to report directly to those in charge about those deemed dangerous or close to knowing the truth. The people did not know the reason why some people disappeared late at night only it was because something infected them and they were being cured   But the empire would not last and one day the goddess opened the box and unleashed love and lust into the world. Watching as his empire was split into two he turned towards the goddess and vowed to hunt her and her followers until the last follower is dead. For he was not allowed to kill her he would need to find a champion. someone to take up the fight until the day she was caught.

Divine Domains

Shadow- The Lord of Shadows watches all from the shadows. Nothing is hidden from his gaze, Nothing is kept secret for he knows all and sees all

Holy Books & Codes

  • The Sin of Love - Written during the age of purge by the lord of the purge himself. the book speaks about the deadly sin of love and how to deal with those infected with it.
  • The Sin of lust - Written during the age of purge by the lord of purge himself. The book speaks about the deadly parasite of lust and how those infected by it must be isolated or killed to ensure the people are safe.
  • Libro umbra Written by the shadow God himself. The book talks about the proper prayers one must do each day. how to deal with sin and how to properly make one blood pure each day.

Tenets of Faith

  • Blood purity- Only those that fully embrace the shadow god and his teachings are considered pure in his eyes.
  • Hatred- One must have a deep hatred of love and lust for only then would they understand the shadow god and his teachings completely

Physical Description

Body Features

He can take on any form he chooses of any race in the world and this is how he is able to spread his message for he is able to take on any form people desire him to take in order for them to understand his message. But the form none but a few have ever seen is his true form which is nothing but a floating head in the sky. for most only get to see his face which is hidden in shadow.

Personality Characteristics


Seeks to cleanse the world of sin and unfaithfulness once and for all. to restore the empire he once ruled over

Divine Classification
Honorary & Occupational Titles
  1. Lord of Shadow
  2. The one that sees all and knows all
  3. Creator of the world
Circumstances of Birth
Self Created
Biological Sex
All colors
All types
Quotes & Catchphrases
" The Shadows see all and know all. For I am everywhere watching and countering. None can hide from my gaze, unlike the sun who sets I never leave.I am always present be it light or dark for the shadows are everywhere "

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