Adventure to the tomb of a shadow lord

Welcome to the world of Daemonium. This is a one shot adventure with teamwork in mind and a new skill called insight where those with the highest get to see what the tomb really looks like. For those really brave you are allowed to get the highest insight when you create your character so that you are able to experience the true horrors of this tomb, for those that do not want to see the horrors choose no insight or very little
[GM give options to players and cater to the group]
. The party can be made up of any classes and races of the players choosing ( does not even have to be of this world!) to venture down into the tomb and discover its secrets. It is recommend you have some prior knowlage of Daemonium, But it is not required to play this game.  

The Brief

Greetings Adventures, I am glad to see you have made it, We do not have much time if we are to stop the awakening of one of the lords of shadows from happening. As you can already tell as the day gets closer the world is on the verge of shattering once more and the balance between shadow and love would be broken. But we still have time to prevent that from happening with your help. So who is going to join me as we venture to the tomb of first shadow lord


The setting of the story

This story take places during the the height of the Kingdom of Reaveth who are in the process of awaking one of the lords of shadow to tip the balance of power. The players are adventures hired by a wealthy noble who wants to put a stop to the awakening of the shadow lord and shattering the balance between the followers of the shadow god and the followers of the goddess of love. The noble works for a organzation called the Order of the Black Rose who believe that shadow and love must unite together and that can not happen if one of lords of shadows is awaken. They will do anything to put a stop to this process and that is where the adventure party comes in.
Gm Notes - Those with high insight will noticed that they are not alone in speaking to the noble. All around them appears to be shadows who are watching them, they blend in to the darkness around and are hard to spot. Make those with high insight roll for prespection, If they are get a 14 or higher they are able to see all of them around

Character introductions

Septimus the noble is a man with connections, His family is a noble in the kingdom of reaveth who are secretly in league with the order of the black rose, In fact it is rumored that his family is founder of the order. His family believes in balance between love and shadow at any cost, If the players push him too far though he will tell them that this might be a mistake after all and walk away only to return with guards who will attempt to arrest the group under suspicion of treason
Old man Acheron seems to be someone that has lived in the town for many years, The guards and townsfolk know him and he walks with a slight limp. the man talks about a golden age and often repeats the words " Glory too " but never completes his sentence. Those with high insight notice that man is not who he seems though. some will see that unatural hair and long fingernails and teeth. The group is given a option if they are convince to either fight the old man or let him be.
Carnicerus is the sleeping shadow lord and the antagonist of the adventure. Although he is sleeping his presence is felt throughout. For the party memebrs with high insight they are able to see his influnce around them [GM - Those with high insight are able to see shadow demons at some points during the adventure. and other servants of the shadow lord himself. these servants are non hostle unless provoked by a party member or they feel threaten. Atleast one of the town folks is a shadow demon as well although hidden.] The party does not get to fight the shadow lord


This adventure first takes place in town of Town of Silverwind which has recently been taken over by the kingdom of reaveth, Because of this occupation guards patrol the streets looking for any troublemakers. They patrol day and night and often go into buildings randomly for inspection. This leads many of the townfolk to not trust outsiders or anyone for that matter.
GM Note - If one of the party members attracts attention or they roll poorly, A guard will come over to the group and question them about why they are in the town. If the guard rolls acute perception, they will become highly suspicious and might call for reinforcements and attack the group. If they roll in the middle, they will press the group to tell them why they are here and attempt to make a arrest. They will kill the noble if they roll a perfect 20. If this happens, the group will need to find the tomb on their own

Act 1

Arriving in the town of Silverwind Gm narrator - As you arrive in the town of silverwind on the border between the Kingdom of Reaveth and Kingdom of Sevewyr You can see guards patrolling the streets in their black chain mail and pole arms, they patrol in lines of three and take up all of the street as they pass. You hear what sounds like sales being made and in the air, one can smell fresh food. Everything seems almost too perfect. You have been hired by a man name Septimus who asks you to meet him outside of a tavern
[ Gm notes Those with high insight will notice the tavern is run down and nearly abandoned. The air feels refreshing as you have been traveling for some time.]
    NPC - Septimus He will greet the adventures and tell them he needs their help. That the balance between love and shadow is going to be broken if they awaken the first shadow lord from his slumber. He speaks in whispers the party notices and stops whenever a guard patrol passes by. He insists you help him and that he will pay the group a good amount of coin. Each time the guard patrol gets nearby, the group must make deception checks. If the group succeeds three times, the guards will not return for some time and go about their business, But if the group fails a guard will come over to the group
[GM notes If successful with a perception check, those with high insight will notice Septimus is quite skinny and depressed with sunken eyes and just skin and bones)]
  NPC - Guard The guard will come over if a member of the group fails a deception check. The guard is nothing more than a brute with a sword and helm. He will question Septimus and then question the group as well. The guard will ask what the group is doing in the town since its under occupation and visitors are not allowed, Then ask if they are here for any official business and finally ask if the group is supporting the unworthy ones, If any in the group fails the deception checks, The guard will attack and call over two friends to help him, They will kill Septimus as well. If the group is successful and kills the guards, they move on to act 2  

Act 2

Carriage to the tomb GM - Septimus offers to take the group to the tomb of the first shadow lord in his personal carriage. They are loaded into a carriage and the door is closed behind them they are taken away towards what they hope is the tomb. Along the route to the tomb in some trees one could see what appears to be corpses handing from the trees.
[Gm notes - Those with high insight can make an insight check and then roll a D20 for madness. What is in the trees are bodies, but they are rotting, and some appear to be smiling. Some moan out in agony as they are not dead. On one body, one watches it become consume by a shadow that transforms the body]
. The carriage goes by too far to see what it turned into. The carriage follow the road and you noticed there is nobody else on the road. It is almost abandoned As the carriage goes on, The party hears in the distance what sounds like shouting. [
Have the group make a perception, If anyone in the group rolls high, The shouting sounds like commands " Push them back, Hold the line!, We must defend!
]" As the party approches the tomb itself. One will notice that there are guards standing around the entrence to the tomb. These guards become hostile when the party approches [
GM - Each guard is standard humanoid with basic health

Act 3

After the party defeats the guards and enters into the tomb itself. They will come across a doorway that leads deeper into the tomb. This doorway is sealed tight, but if the party rolls a high perception, One will hear from within the tomb chanting and stomping of wooden objects onto the floor. Someone had beat the party to the tomb already and the party must naviagate deeper into the tomb now. The doorway in front of them can be opened [
The party must do a perception check and those with high insight will come to find that the tomb is dirty and grimy, and that something is watching them from the shadows] If the party discovers how to open the first door way [ Its a hidden block that unseals it on the wall near the doorway
] They can proceed further in, the chanting grows louder as they get closer to the main room  

The next room the party enters seems to be empty as well. [

GM - Those with high insight will see the walls are not bare but have writing on them, This writing talks about the shadow lord and how he was put to sleep after his purpose was furfilled. It is also written in blood that never dried and looks fresh
] The party can proceed and reach the main room


Inside of the main room, The party comes across a woman praying next to the black sarcophagus of the shadow lord himself. The woman will stop her praying and turn to the group. She will not say a word but attack them in rage [

GM - Those with high insight will notice that the woman is not a woman, But in fact a shadow demon, But unlike the others this shadow demon takes on a form of a woman with a spider like head.
] The woman attacks he party and if they are successful in defeating her will prevent the rebirth of a shadow lord.


Dungon and dragons 5th edition ( Note that maddess and insight are a custom system i am working on)

Important mechanics for GM

Roll for insight - Players with higher insight have the chance to see more of the world and the truth. They do this at a cost of their sanity for there are horros lurking in the world for those that are able to see them. Roll a D20

Roll for maddess - Once a roll for insight is done, a roll for maddess is done afterwards to determine how much sanity the party loses, Not only for those that see more but for all. Roll a D100



- Everytime the party rolls for insight, They also must do a roll for maddness. To determine how much sanity they lose depending on what they roll. Refer to the chart below to determime how much sanity they lose. Once they lose 100 percent of sanity they are able to see everything but also all their actions have a disadvantage  

What is maddness

Maddess is a new mechanic that determines how much sanity the party loses. The world is a dark place and horrors lurk within it and for those that are able to see the creatures of the dark they slowly lose their minds. This is reflected in maddess. The higher the insight of a player the more they could portentially see and the more likely they will lose their sanity.


Maddess scope

1- 25- You see glimses of something lurking but cant quite make out what you are seeing though


25-50 - You see a better image of something of a nightmare lurking or a true aspect of a building or person, this shocks you to see that the world is not what it seems

50 - 75- Here you see mutiple creatures in the dark and buildings are falling apart, You see horrble creatures lurking and nightmares come to life. You feel terrified of these creatures who can see you and even reach out to you

75- 100 - You see the true horror of the world and it scares you, creatues lurking, buildings and stuctures destoryed or abandoned and horrible creatures roam, You simply can not handle it any longer and resort to speaking in riddles or pointing at things nobody else can see but you can.


  1. Guards
  • Shadow Demon
  • Spider demon

    Challenge levels

    1. Guards - 1
    2. Spider demon - 3
    3. Shadow demon - 1


    Choose your Access type

    Embrace the Shadow

    Choose this role if you are comfortable with dark and horror elements and only want to see those articles   Embrace Love

    Choose this option if you do not want to see the dark and horror articles   Embrace neutrality

    Choose this option if you want to see all that the world has to offer.


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