Masks Of Sin

Faciem larva de peccatum

"A priest came from the church and handed one of the Unworthy that had gathered in the main building in the district a Faciem larva de peccatum . the unworthy looked at it for too long it would seem as soon the priest had one guard force the Faciem larva de peccatum onto the unworthy's face. It was not long after that they could hear a blood curling scream as the mask dug into the flesh of the unworthy face causing blood to trickle down the sides of the mask"-
— A Witness Seeing for the first time a new mask for the unworthy

The Church of the Shadow God came up with a cruel way to introduce masks to the The Unworthy in the districts of Shadow city and across the Kingdom. It was bad enough that they had a stain already but to be able to walk around in there districts without something covering their face had to be dealt with. So they created a mask that would be both a way to further shame them but also to inflict pain on the person, to remind them they are unworthy of being in society. They designed each mask in such a way to let the others know just what they were guilty of. Each mask was also a different color as well. The name of these masks are called faciem larva De peccatum or mask of sin and it is required of all unworthy in the districts and across the Kingdom of Reaveth to wear them.

History of the Faciem larva de peccatum

The Kingdom of Reaveth did not come up with the Faciem larva de peccatum but adopted it. The Church tells the story of how they were looking over the old records from an empire of old and found a section dedicated to the correction of sin. In the section the church says that for those that have committed sins the only way to correct the behavior is to make them wear a mask and only a mask for it was believed that the shame alone would make them correct the behavior of the sin they committed.
Finding it odd that it was just a mask, the church decided that it was not good enough just to have a mask on. There needed to be correction, so they added the needles imbedded within the silk of the mask. That way the wearer would feel the pain while wearing the mask for the set amount of time required of them and in turn they will understand the pain of the sin they committed.

But soon after the church made it a requirement for all of those considered unworthy to wear the mask all the time. It no longer was about correcting the sin of the person, it was more about punishment at all times and making an example of them. The colors remained the same, but those who were no longer part of society now how to wear the mask all the time while out in public. Because they never took off the mask. The pain they felt could be heard in the screams they let out as the needles forever dug into their skins.


" Why won't they ever shut up. Day and night all we hear is the screaming and cries coming from the unworthy districts. They wail in unison, day and night. I often pray to the shadow god to just kill them so that our ears suffering will end "-
— Resident living right on the edge of an unworthy district

Silver of Hersey.jpg
A Gilded Masquerade by Julio Rionaldo

Mechanics & Inner Workings

They configure the Needles in the mask in such a way to poke the pressure points of the face, In such a way that they believed it would change the behavior of the said person. The belief was that the behavior of the person would change over time if they kept the mask on for at least 12 hours a day. They lay the needles out in such a way behind the mask to only touch those pressure points and not touch the eyes of the person. The major pressure points are under the nose and on the edges of the eyes.


The masks were created almost overnight, although that is just a rumor. These masks on the outside are made of the finest fabric in the kingdom. Each mask represents the sin that the person has committed or was accused of committing. The color of the mask represents that sin. For example, those who committed the sin of love, the mask is red. The sin of greed is green, the sin of lust is a deep red. The sin of pride is purple and gluttony is brown. for traitors the color is white, and for sloths is bile green. For heretics it is sickly green while the color for vanity is silver.  
Red Mask of Love.jpg
Red masquerade mask with hearts by Rodrigo Rodriguez
What is embeded in the mask itself

Faciem larva de peccatum - Mask of Sin
" Your sin is lust, You shall wear this mask for the duration of your sentence, In that time you will repent and reflect and seek attoment for your sin. For you are lucky you are not just sent to the camps and are giving this chance, Now accept this gift from the shadow god Aidoneus Inférnal for he only gives his mercy once" -
A shadow priest before putting a mask on a lustful women
Item type
Clothing / Accessory
The masks are not as rare as one would think they would be. Each mask is created for the indvidual person for whom it is meant to be for. The only rare part of the mask is the material that is used during the creation which is the silk. But even then the chruch does not care about the price or rareity of the materials used to create the mask only that one is created.
Raw materials & Components
The main material for the masks is fine silk for most of the unworthy population as a gift from the church ,Some of them have leather in between the layers of silk, But that is rare and nobody is sure why some masks have that only that some of the earliest ones do, the needles of the mask are hidden under the lining of the mask until it is put on the wearer and then they are pushed into the skin of the wearer soon after.
Knives, Needles, thread, Leather Punch, Scissors,
Scissors were used to cut the silk .The knives were uses to make the tiny holes for the needles, The thread was used to stich it all together, and the leather pouch was too hold the needles used in the mask creation

Manufacturing process

The masks are carefully crafted using a needle and thread. As they are stitching the mask together, the person creating the mask slowly inserts needles which are small into the fabric itself. These needles, when pressure is applied, insert themself into the flesh of the wearer to apply the constant pressure required for repentance. at the end of the process the mask will have some 100 small needles woven into the fabric. Once it is completed, a priest of the shadow god will give the mask a blessing and ask the shadow god to make it wearer repent while wearing it. Then it is given to the person soon after. It is said the person stays within the church until the mask is complete often in a dark cell.

Cover image: shop window in Barcelona. They had marvellous masks on display by Llanydd Lloyd


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27 May, 2021 23:17

Fantastic article! I can’t imagine how painful wearing one of these might be, and I’d like to keep it that way :)   I certainly can see why they believe this would make people repent and change their behavior. It sounds quite horrible to wear, which makes it all the better. I also like the different colors used for the different sins. The idea coming from ancient records is also interesting.

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28 May, 2021 07:36

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27 May, 2021 23:25

I enjoyed this article. I have noticed a couple of small issues. Such as "Each mask represents the sin that the person has committed or accused of committing ." There is a space between the last word and the period. Also for grammar, I think it should read " accused....." There are a couple of others in the "Significance" section. Otherwise, everything looks great.   I look forward to seeing more of your work in the future.

10 Jun, 2021 01:13

thank you for the feedback!

27 May, 2021 23:51

The idea of needles in your face's pressure points is shudder-worthy, yikes! Do the Unworthy ever try to rise up against such terrible treatment, or do they believe the propaganda that it'll help them repent from their sins?

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28 May, 2021 07:38

Thank you for the feedback. There are two sides one side believes the propaganda and that they will eventually be free of the masks after they repent. While the others see it for what they are. Will there be rebellions.. There could be! ;) and having them rise up.. It is possible!

Eternal Sage AmélieIS
Amélie I. S. Debruyne
28 May, 2021 07:27

Great article! I love the idea behind the masks :D It's very interesting to attempt to ease pressure points to change the behaviour of the person – though I'd guess there would actually never be a point where the church would decide they have change enough and that they can stop wearing the mask :p   I'm wondering why the masks are made of silks. You've said it's a gift from the church, but I don't understand why they would make this choice when silk is so expensive and they could justify using another cloth, something cheap for unworthy people. Maybe even make the masks scratchy. Is there a reason why the church wants to appear to be super generous? Maybe some propaganda? Or they want to show other believers of the church that masks are really not that bad and that they are *really* attempting to help the unworthy?   Are there regular inspections to check that the unworthy are wearing the masks at all time and that it's properly tightened?

28 May, 2021 07:36

thank you for the feedback!, Yes It is Propaganda. And yes you are correct. They want to show the other believers that the masks are indeed not bad and it is meant for repentance and that they really want to help them. It could of been cheap yes.. But they have to make a effort that they are trying to help the unworthy and this is one way to make the case!

29 May, 2021 00:05

Great article! This is truly an uncomfortable mask. I like how the people of the chruch were like it is not enough to shame them we also need to torture them! :p   I also like the idea of the different colors for the sins. I wonder though as there is a sin of lust what is the sin of love actually for that you mention?

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29 May, 2021 00:32

Thank you and the sin of love is for those that fall in love. To the church falling in love is as bad as giving into lust. They view love as a disease already, But for two people to " Love each other " Is a sin itself, Love is not allowed to exist anyplace within the kingdom. It goes agaist the teachings of the church and of the shadow god himself

29 May, 2021 01:05

That is one nasty mask :S
Is there any way of improving one's behaviour to be freed of them?
The pictures somehow really add to it, well chosen on those.

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10 Jun, 2021 01:10

The amount of time wearing it should be good enough to correct the sin. But The church does not say how long that is for. Only that in time those who wear them will correct themselfs!. Propganda since in actuallity nobody can ever be free of the mask!   Thank you for the feedback

29 May, 2021 03:41

What a horrible torture device, but what a concept for the article!   These shameful masks that not only make them suffer but also mark them to society... ugh.   Really good stuff!

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Why thank you!

4 Jun, 2021 20:33

Great article and very interesting concept!!. The mask sounds really terrifying and its seems at the same time to be...should i say ...a great instrument of dissuasion isn't it?, in order to force the believers or the citizens to behave "correctly" according to the Church. I also found very interesting the color scheme for each sin. One question, perhaps rather simple but... Did someone of the authorities or citizenry in general rise up or speak against this kind of torture?

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10 Jun, 2021 01:13

Thank you for the feedback. To answer the Question , Yes there have been people who have spoken out agaist this. Those that believe the church has gone too far now. But they are a small minority for right now although there is a cult growing within the kingdom that is preaching that what the church is doing is corrupting the word of the shadow god to suit them.

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5 Jun, 2021 15:52

Look at that sidebar! I can remember when we were starting and how empty it would be. Great pictures too. Also, after reading that I need to find who the opposition to the Church of the Shadow God is in your world so I can support them!

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9 Jun, 2021 22:17

Burn the entire kingdom down. If they're not Unworthy, kill them. A place like that can only be cleansed by fire. And while we're at it, tear that Shadow God down to hell.

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10 Jun, 2021 01:08

Thank you for the reaction!. The unworthy would cheer because that is how they feel. But there is hope in the kingdom, There is a cult that built around the idea that the church has corrupted the message of the shadow god!,

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E. Christopher Clark
10 Jun, 2021 11:57

I just love the concept here. The needles on the inside of the mask remind me of something that Marvel Comics did to one of their characters in the 2000s, a formerly cheerful guy who was punishing himself for a failure by wearing a costume lined with spikes.   Anyway, back to your article, I love the attention to detail—especially the colors. And the whole backstory has me itching to read more of your work. Great work! Keep writing!

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