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Daeliha is a world mainly created by two gods: the god of creation and destruction, and the god of life and death. It is a world with barely any changes, its species are the sames that existed millenias ago and the landmasses are in the same places they appeared in. Filled with magic, the world was left to its own a long time ago as the gods stopped taking care of it, or did they?


Land of war and change

The biggest landmass of Daeliha and continent form Amex, as well as 8 islands. As well as Ampteres, Amex has a great variety of climates.

Three countries reside in Amex: Taat (the city-state), Eclium, and Wolfria.

Its inhabitants are mainly Terrelis. Most of the Droth, Orcs, and Jebart live in Eclium, while Human and Elves live in Wolfria.

Land of learning and travels

An archipelago of 6 islands, it has temperate climates and odd geographical features.

Gloyla, the magical school that became its own country has its territory in this archipelago altogether with Cesnya, a land governed by tribes.

It is the continent with a bigger mix of Ithakill species.

Land of the refugees and growing

Composed by a main landmass and two island, Ampteres is the second biggest continent and has a diverse climate. From tundras to savannah, the center of Ampteres has a similar height, having mountains on the north and most of the coasts west and east being on cliffs.

While it is officially governed by the Sabraal empire, the territory is divided in smaller feuds that work individually, only interacting with the others when deciding general stuff for the empire or there are problems on the borders.

It is mainly inhabited by Terrelis, Human being the less common Terrelis's species.

Land of magical progress

Zarlor is a big archipelago, with 13 islands, 4 of them being the main important (and biggest) islands. Boreal forests and tundras cover the northern islands while plains and warmer forest cover the sourthern islands.

The islands are divided into three countries: Eshines, Askait, and Drucor.

The Ithakill from these islands are mainly Dracolis, with some rarer Elves and Jebart. The sourthern islands have a bigger variety of species than the northern islands.

Outer Space


Magic is everywhere but not many know how to use it properly. Common simple spells are fun kid games but spells more complex than than require some learning and practice. The spells are divided into three schools: elemental, creation, and manipulation.

Elemental magic is related to the world's elements: fire, water, earth, air, and raw mana. Creation magic is related to conjuration and illusion. And manipulation magic is related to abjuration, enchanting, control, and rituals.

While related to magic, alchemy is not considered as a magical school but as a science. Necromancy (which would fall into control magic) is possible but as there are not souls on Daeliha, people come back mindless.




Dragon, Wyvern, Wyrm, Amphithere, Drake.


Siren, Baux, Krit, Kethar.


Human, Elf, Droth, Jebart, Orc.

Dragons, originally reptilians with four legs and a pair of wings, they are now humanoids with a pair of wings on their back.

Wyverns, originally reptilians with two legs and two frontal legs that also are wings, they are now humanoids who have a membrane connecting the side of their torsos to their arms.

Wyrm, originally reptilians with no limbs, worm-like, they are now humanoids with arms that their legs have turned into a reptilian tail, snake-like.

Amphitheres, originally reptilians with only a pair of frontal limbs that act as wings, they are now humanoids that their legs turned into a reptilian tail, snake-like; and their arms are wings.

Drakes, originally reptilians with two normal sets of limbs, they are now what people call dragonborns; humanoids with no wings, membranes, or tails.

Dracolis are the Ithakill that once upon a time lived as great reptilians that people respected and where then persecuted and almost driven to extintion by Humans. They learned to live as humanoid, with some features that differentiates them from Terrelis, and with time, most lost their ability to transform into their original, reptilian, forms.

Sirens are half fish, half humanoid. Unlike their cousins, they like to live deep in the oceans, away from other Ithakills. When they get near other Ithakills, they falsely accused of attracting people and drowing them, like their Baux cousins do. Their voices, rather than being appealing, they are deep screeching, adapted to being able to communicate underwater.

Baux are half fish, half humanoid with wings. Their are known for living in coasts and playing with other Ithakills (and sometimes accidentally drowing them). Their voices are screetching but they can sing beautiful and love to trick people with illusions, most of the times making them appear more beautiful than they are.

Krit are small, half fish, half humanoid. They are the misunderstood species, barely even considerated a species. Little is known about them and what is mostly known is their venom. They appear to be able to live in both fresh and salt water and love to help other people.

Kethar are the most different of the Aquatilis. Their lower body end up in a tail and their upper body is humanoid but it is covered in scales and look reptilian. They sometimes are considered to be Dracolis rather than Aquatilis but are right now in the Aquatilis group as they live underwater, like the rest of the Aquatilis species.

Aquatilis are the Ithakill that live underwater. Their lower half are fish-like tails and their upper half are humanoid.

Humans are one of the most common species in Daeliha, as well as one of the shortest lifespan. They are known by their warlike history and the massacre they caused to the Dracolis as well as the slavery imposed to the Elves.

Elves are know by their magical potential and the bacteria living in their skin that helps them with magic. They have been used as slaves by humans time ago and now they have a tense relationship with them.

Droth are one of the shorter Ithakills. Their are great artesants and tend to leave themselves away from interrelationship problems.

Jebart have wings and tails. They tend to fit in better with Dracolis than Terrelis and thus they are found more within Dracolis territories or in the seas, where they feel free.

Orc are considered violent species and are shunned by Humans but generally, they have not caused as many problems as humans. Because of being shunned, they tend to live in mostly orcish settlements or living with Droths.

Terrelis are humanoids and one of the most common Ithakills in Daeliha. There are small differences between them all and what separates them more are their tense relationship after years of backstabbing each other and racism.



Daeliha's year is counted with its sun, Dhar. The months are counted with the rotation of Maliah and the weeks with the rotation of Arhar. Because there are a lot of cultures and species in Daeliha, this is a general calendar that has been accepted to be the main calendar in Daeliha although it does not mean some cultures still use their own calendars when not dealing with other Ithakill.

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