Kartkash temple

It stands there, in all its glorious form, decorated with pure ██████ and ████. This isn't a ruin, this must be inhabited, it would be impossible to still shine so bright if it was empty.
— Pieces of Kartkash temple's proof by Belanor Heleris

Kartkash temple is an old ruins found in the deeps of the Never-ending desert and was an old temple of a Dracus species. Its location and the old magic makes it very hard to find and people tend to come back with nothing, making it look like a myth.

Its arquitecture its pretty simple, at least the outside. Made out of sandstone and similars, the building is giant, big enough for multiple full sized Dracus to fit, with multiples wings and towers crowning the tops of the wings and the main building. It is believed that a lot of this temple is hidden underground. The towers and the walls are plain, with barely any decoration. In the same desert there are various gazebos which experts believe to be part of this mega building as anchors for a (now broken) giant protection spell that hid the building from outsiders.

The temple seems to be a library of sorts as well as a place to test magic and rituals. The place is filled with magical protections and traps and seems to affect Dracus minds to change and make them protect the temple.

Archeologist are very interested in this temple as it is the only Dracus temple located by non Dracus, and it is known that Dracus hoarded a lot of information and riches, but little is know of it even after many exploration teams had gone there.

There are rumours of a big group of archeologist getting ready for another raid to the temple. This time, they seem to be preparing a lot of spells to break magical protections and traps, and spells to reveal the occult. Many mercenaries are joining them as protection as well as Dracus Hybrid, in hopes that the Hybrid can see what only Dracus can see without going "crazy" as pure Dracus have done in the past.

Ruins / Temple


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