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Around me, there are plains, in front of me, in the distance, a big forest, and in the east a large mountain chain. The path isn't in good shape, must be a secondary path, so the carriage dance while stepping the rocks of the path. I see a village, it's the nearest village to the capital and it works as the first defence of the capital, Shapered. The village is clearly poor and there's a big wall with a small door where the pass to the capital starts. The fields are dry, little has grown on them. While my carriage approaches the gate to the capital, the path grows better and when I reach the gate, some soldiers stops the carriage and make me get down, I can't pass with that carriage and it will take some hours to prepare everything to allow me to enter Shapered. This process couldn't be slower, I've sent them an authorisation letter of the king a week ago! They shouldn't make me wait! The king is waiting for me and my designs! He needs new clothes for the new year's festival!
~Exctract from a dead man's diary