Player Intrusion

A Player Intrusion is the Player Character choosing to alter something in the campaign, making things easier for a player character. Conceptually, it is the reverse of a GM Intrusion: instead of the GM giving the player xp and introducing an unexpected complication for a character, the player spends 1 XP and presents a solution to a problem or complication. What a player intrusion can do usually introduces a change to the world or current circumstances rather than directly changing the character. For instance, an intrusion indicating that the cypher just used still has an additional use would be appropriate, but an intrusion that heals the character would not. If a player has no XP to spend, they can’t use a player intrusion.   A few player intrusion examples are provided under each type. That said, not every player intrusion listed there is appropriate for all situations. The GM may allow players to come up with other player intrusion suggestions, but the GM is the final arbiter of whether the suggested intrusion is appropriate for the character’s type and suitable for the situation. If the GM refuses the intrusion, the player doesn’t spend the 1 XP, and the intrusion doesn’t occur.
Using an intrusion does not require a character to use an action to trigger it. A player intrusion just happens.


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