This campaign primarily takes place in The Steppes of Galeaha at this time. A detailed map of the steppes can be found here.

Meet the cast!

  The players of Maribelle's Folly are:
Kico - Fairy(UA) Cleric (Trickster)
Magnus - Goliath Berserker (Wild Magic)
Hinto Honiahaka Otaktay Qaletaqa (AKA Blue) - Firbolg Druid (Circle of the Moon)
Randuraas Thombo - Dragonborn Artificer (Artillerist)
Neoon - Genasi Rogue (Assassin)
Anduro Taeri - Simic Hybrid Warlock (Hexblade)
  The game's Dungeon Master is Ben, creator of Cyorion.