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Homebrew and House Rules

House Rules


  • Healing spells deal radiant damage to undead. Roll as normal, undead creature can take half damage with CON save against the caster's spell save DC.
  • Variant rules for critical hits and failures. These apply on attacks, but not skill checks.
  • Flammable projectiles can be ignited before firing to add 1d4 fire damage.

Character Creation

  • Check out this handy checklist.
  • Also here's an index of playable races and classes.
  • For stat generation: roll 4d6 and drop the lowest 6 times, then assign those numbers to your abilities however you see fit.
  • You can choose to start with the equipment granted by your background and class, OR roll for starting gold according to your class and pick equipment from the tables in the PHB. You can also roll once on the Trinkets table if you want.
  • Starting Wealth by Class -> PHB 143
  • Armour -> PHB 145
  • Weapons -> PHB 149
  • Adventuring Gear -> PHB 150
  • Tools -> PHB 154
  • Mounts, Vehicles, and Trade Goods -> PHB 157
  • Trinkets -> PHB 160

Legal Content

  • All official 5e books published by Wizards of the Coast, by default
  • All Unearthed Arcana, subject to GM veto (check out the list here)
  • Strongholds and Followers by Matthew Colville
  • Homebrew content is probably fine too, just run it by your GM

Table Rules

  • Feel free to powergame, minmax, and munchkin. Be aware that doing so will encourage the GM to do the same.
  • Roll in view of other players wherever possible. If a die lands in a way that makes it unclear which number is up, or if it rolls off the table, roll again.
  • If playing online the following rolls must be made in a chat window where everyone can see:
    • Initiative
    • Death saves
    • Any PvP rolls
  • PVP is an option, not a rule. Both players must agree to participate.
  • When playing online, kindly use push to talk.


Disciple of the Moon

You grew up in a small society of moon elf druids who have made a grove for themselves in the forests of Arborea.

Skill Proficiencies Medicine, Religion
Tool Proficiencies Herbalism Kit
Languages Common, Elvish, Sylvan
Equipment A walking stick, an herbalism kit, a small metal spoon, 3d4 grams of sky blue moondust.


Shaman Supplies - As part of your religious training, you have learned to craft sky blue moondust. If you are in an area with a variety of plants, make a DC 15 Intelligence(Investigation) check with your herbalism kit to gather supplies. Over the next hour, you can craft 1d6 grams of blue moondust.


Expert Bardtender

 Prerequisites: Bardic Inspiration class feature
 Benefit: An expert bardtender can spend one use of bardic inspiration to imbue any food or drink that they prepare with its effects. Anyone who eats or drinks something prepared in this manner gains a bardic inspiration die at that point equal to that of the bardtender who created it, and it lasts for 10 minutes.


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