United Nations Colonial Affairs Office

The United Nations Colonial Affairs Office — or the UNCA for short — is a large division of the United Nations trans-national government dealing with the human colonization of known space. On mid-stage colonial planets, the UNCA reigns supreme and manages everything from the division of labor to the allocation of Moral Citizenry Points, which serve as a form of currency there.


Dividing Labor

Welcome to the UNCA Employment Allocation Office of Kerobos on Persephone 0-0-3-1-2-4. Please insert your employment application chip in the lit slot below.
— An employment application kiosk in Kerobos

The UNCA divides labor on mid-stage colonial planets according to the skills presented by the people. The wants and needs of the person applying are also taken into account, although wants are generally given a negligible weight in comparison to the physical requirements and skills of a person.

Serving Humanity

Founding Date
2056 CE
Governmental, Department
Alternative Names
Subsidiary Organizations

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