Curse of Strahd-Prepare To Die Edition A helpful resource for oppressing your players and draining their sanity.

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About This World:

Curse of Strahd: Prepare to Die Edition is a world for DM's to peruse at their own leisure. Here you will find a collection of resources I have used when running my games. Think of it as a database for the creative (and not so creative) DM to gain additional ideas/insight on running their sessions. Curse of Strahd is supposed to be a grueling, unforgiving experience for the players. The book, RAW, merely contains suggestions on how to run the game. The suggestions you find here will be more in-depth ideas on how to put the pain on your players.  

A Note from the Author:

Hello all and welcome! This world is a constant work in progress. I have dumped a good deal of time into prepping random things across it and yet, there is still so much more to do! Please browse around and feel free to leave any comments/suggestions. I am still a World Anvil novice and any critiques/feed back is whole heartily welcome. My goal is to create a cohesive tool for DMs (like myself) to use when running their game. My plan is to create a page for everything and link them together. From there, I will be fleshing out each location, plot, character, etc. I am currently working on cohesion/linking together locations across the world.   Much of my inspiration comes from Mandymod, Dragnacarta, the r/curseofstrahd page and numerous published works. Please, PLEASE, check them out. Support the creative minds on Reddit, GMs Guild & other Authors. I will be going through my existing work and giving them the credit they deserve.   The following information, scattered about my world, are merely options for enhancing your game. In truth, the best way to create riveting experiences are to play off of the world your characters create!
— Philbo