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Toth Arndrar

Written by Salen

First mate

Toth is a grey skinned Orc on board The Seahaven. He is the First mate and weaponmaster, as well as friend to the captain, Seltemver Ashblade. He is a massive orc, standing almost 7 feet tall and weighing 295lbs. He had black braided hair, powerful arms, and an axe that has seen a lot of violence. He has befriended the Imp Amonar and calls him his little buddy. He leads the ship and crew when his captain isn't available, and fits the position rather well. Though they do have very different styles, they work well together, and their playful banter is evident to all who hear them.  
“I knew you'd take the channel,” Seltemver said to Toth as they cleared the islands and headed back north to their fate.   “Oh you did? Why is that?” Toth asked, amused at the guess.   “Because I never would have, and you knew that when we saw it.”   “You got me on that one. So where do you think we'll end up next?” the first mate asked, staring at the growing storm coming right at them. It never failed, once they sailed into an open sea, that storm came for them, sending them somewhere else from Any Orc in a Storm


Toth is the weaponmaster of the ship and though most ships don't have this title, most orc ships do. As weaponmaster, it is his job to train the crew in techniques and different weapons and to lead the defense of the ship. The only person on board that can give him any challenge is the captain himself. Seltemver is a very skilled swordsman, and the two of them have sparred countless times, with the elven pirate always coming out on top of the fight.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Toth is physically the strongest aboard The Seahaven. He can lift one end of a mast by himself, and has fought a giant to a standstill with his bare hands. His barrel chest and powerful arms make him a formidable opponent, as do his weapon skills

Facial Features

Toth is a orc and as such has tusks that protrude from his mouth. His are very pronounced and mark him as part of the Andrar clan for those that would know of them.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Toth was born to a orc clan on another world. he was drawn to the sea at a very young age and learned to fight from the weaponmaster on board his first ship. He eventually ended up a slave to the sea witch Helarna, and subsequently saved by Seltemver Ashblade. The elven pirate gave the captive orcs a choice. Stay here and be slaves, or come sail with him as captain and live free. It wasn't a hard choice. They found a ship that was seaworthy and fled, naming the vessel The Seahaven. As they escaped the island of the sea witch she cursed them all, and when they hit the open water, a storm came and swept them up and transported them elsewhere. The first time this happened, they were set upon by another ship. They were saved at the last minute by Amonar and his strange powers. He burned the opposing ship, allowing them to escape, but caused the crew to shirk in fear of the little Imp. They tried to find repairs in a port city, but they were turned away before they could dock. They went back out to sea, trying to gauge the stars, but the storm came for them again, on a clear day. This time they ended up in the world of Across the Wide Seas.  
The ship rocked on the massive waves and righted as the spray hit his slender elven face. He could see sunlight ahead, the sign that they were coming out of this supernatural storm once more. This was always the part that he dreaded, the 'where are we now' dilemma. He shouted orders to his crew, a finer bunch of orcs you couldn't find. “Tighten that line Toth!” he called over the crashing seas around them, the wind whipping his short white hair about like a rowboat in a whirlpool; his brown longcoat wasn't doing much better in this storm.   “Aye capt'n. I never thought of that,” the burly orc replied, more venom than usual in his deep voice. This trip had been a rough one, better than usual, but rough all the same. Their seventh since being cursed, the crew was getting downright depressed about ever finding a way out of this strange predicament. from Any Orc in a Storm

Morality & Philosophy

Toth is an example of what an orc with honor can achieve. The clan he is from holds honor above all else and as such his moral compass is what keeps his captain from falling down a dark hole. While he will not shy away from violence, and even killing, he knows that it should be done only if there is no other choice.
Honorary & Occupational Titles
First Mate and Weaponmaster
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Dark Grey
295 lbs
Known Languages
Toth speaks common and orcish, as well as the silent language of the elven mute Silence — though it is hard with his massive fingers.
“So what next captain?” Toth asked, coming up to the wheelhouse as the orcs battened down the ship for the coming rains.   “Oh probably land somewhere with yellow dragons or such,” Seltemver said, laughing at the darkening clouds as if challenging them.   “You always joke but we almost died from blue plants,” Amonar said, flying over to Toth’s shoulder. The burly orc looked over at Amonar and smiled his tusky smile and patted him on the head. from Journey to the Isle of Ximn


In all the months he has spent on board the Seahaven, Toth has aquired the very thing he thought was lost to him. A family. He always despaired that he would never see his clan again, but over time he realized that the orcs here, as well as the others were close to him as well. he holds Seltemver, Silence, Morn, and especially Amonar as his clan now. He would lay down his life for these people, and face any danger.

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Cover image: by Andreii SHAFETOV
Character Portrait image: by shadowpriest


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