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Written by Salen

Orcs are stronger than the other races, have more stamina, and are resilient to most diseases. They also breed far quicker than even humans, and typically come to maturity at the age of 11, but only live as long as humans typically. Orcs usually have grey skin and tusks that protrude from their mouths, though there are some rare orcs with dark green skin. Their hands and fingers are larger than most races and have a difficult time doing things that require tiny parts or pieces. Their hair is dark, usually braided in some cultures, and their eyes are characteristically black.

Basic Information

Genetics and Reproduction

They reproduce as usual, with the female carrying the baby for only 7 months

Growth Rate & Stages

Baby Orcs grow quickly, coming to full maturity at 11 years of age.

Additional Information

Facial characteristics

They all have tusks that protrude from their mouths.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Orcs have a keen sight that allows them to see in near dark and gloom as if it were bright

Civilization and Culture


Orcs are usually held in contempt because of the stigma of their warlike culture. Most societies of orcs strive to conquer the other races and its is a rare orc indeed that just wishes to live in peace. The race as a whole has been thrown back countless times across the many worlds (excpet the Shards) and the other races are slow to forgive.
up to 80 years
Average Height
51/2' to 7'
Average Weight
150lbs to 280lbs

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