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Written by Salen

Grunhilde is an Orc healer aboard The Seahaven. She is a grey skinned orc with long braids and a fierce smile. She has a good eye for injuries and a bedside manner that can level a mountain. One of the original orcs that was saved from the witch Helarna, Grunhilde is a devout follower of the god Dava and in a rare feat of faith, can actually channel His power to heal wounds that other so called healers couldn't even touch. Most healers can call upon the gods to close minor wounds, but her connection to Dava is so strong that she can call upon his power to close even wounds that could be fatal, as well as ones that can't even be seen — those that are strictly internal.  

Tough as Nails

Not only is Grunhilde the ships healer, she is also one of its most toughest warriors, next to Toth. When this orc pulls her axe free, devastation is sure to follow. In her off time, when no one is actually in need of her healing knowledge, she also trains the warriors of the Seahaven. Her relationship with the captain and his friend Amonar is good, as she came to terms with the imps power years ago. She would lay down her life for the elf captain that saved her and her people, and she has come close over the years to fulfilling that.    
“Your hand...” Grunhilde said ominously to Hammon. He had laid his hand on her muscled shoulder again and by the look on her face she was ready to hit him.   “You are aware that she can probably pick you up and throw you right?” Amonar asked the hapless orc male named Hammon. from Any Orc in a Storm

Physical Description

Facial Features

Grunhilde has the tusks that all orcs have, but hers are a bit smaller than normal.

Special abilities

Grunhilde can channel the healing power of Dava and as such can heal most wounds within minutes and even mend broken bones in hours. She has been known to use the following:
  • Heal minor wound
  • Heal major wound
  • Mend bone
  • Purge Toxin
  • Stop Pain

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Born in the village of Arakin, Grunhilde was apprenticed to her father, the shaman for the village. She was taught all the herbal remedies that they used, as well as the cures for poisons and most other toxins that may afflict the orcs. Her father showed her the many tricks of first aid and healing common injuries, as well as indoctrinating her into the worship of Dava. To both her and her fathers surprise, she had an instant connection to the god of protection, and took to healing like a natural. Then they called her to help with a raid and her life changed forever. After a fateful encounter with a sea witch, the orcs were enslaved and their ship was wrecked. The witch kept them for years until an elf and his imp companion washed up on the shore. He freed the orcs and battled the witch, taking her arm in the process. They stole a ship and set sail, and she had been with them ever since.
Year of Birth
715 -712 Years old
Circumstances of Birth
Though she was born in the year 735, that was many worlds ago.
Current Residence
Presented Sex
Braided black
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
“What kind of shark has those?!” Grunhilde screamed, thrashing her head back and forth trying to keep her mouth out of the waves.   “Clearly one that is angry that I stabbed it.”   “You’re not funny.”   “Yes I am, you’re just not in the position to laugh,” he said, keeping his eye out for the shadow of the monstrous beast.   “No wonder you’re single.” from The Shattered Sea

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Cover image: by Andreii SHAFETOV
Character Portrait image: by Bayard Wu


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