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Are you loyal to the Queen Bee of Pollenesia or the Pit Master of Simmeroon? You decide your flavor of heroics!

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What the Flambé is Culinarypunk?

Culinaria is a world torn apart by differing tastes. Roving parties of adventurers traverse the triangular continent struggling to unite the heated kingdoms before emotions boil over.
  In Culinarypunk, magic derives from food. Disagreements over the power of certain edibles have caused a split in the once peaceful land. Allegiances shattered into the seven main kingdoms that now stand, leaving small migratory groups feeling minced about choosing a side.
  It's time to jump out of the frying pan into the fire. You may be underdone now but with some training you'll be a supreme sub hoagie hero!
Culinarypunk is a fork and sorcery RPG setting for DnD 5e with high magic use and light steampunk elements.
  Food and magic is intertwined in this setting but you won't need any food knowledge to play. Suggestions for menus and pairings per subclass will be available soon!
Full campaign setting information and character creation coming soon.

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The Magic of Culinarypunk

One time Tanfar thought he'd sneak a little cayenne into the soup.
Granny certainly didn't appreciate the fiery burps she had the rest of the day.
— Rudnup, Simmeroonian Gnome
A Mouthwatering Menu of Magic

The magic of Culinarypunk is all based around food. Family recipes carry on more than tradition, they pass down ancient magics learned by ancestors and carefully tweaked throughout the centuries. A stew isn't simply a delicious combination of ingredients, it's a handcrafted mix designed for a specific magical output. In a world where ghost peppers give you firebreathing, amateur chefs face new obstacles and masters of flavor are king.
  So, what is your preferred method of magic? Do you have a sweet tooth or do you like to spice things up? Perhaps you're looking to tour the continent and taste the world - the choice is your's.

The Most Common Magics


Sugar magic is used by the impatient Culinarians looking for a quick fix. Edibles created with sugar magic are not long-lasting but can be effective in a pinch.


Often considered the boring, vanilla option, herbs contain the easiest, yet longest, magic to obtain and utilize. Herb magic can be distilled through drying methods to increase potency.


A harsh, difficult magic to master, spice is often misused by the average Culinarian. Spice wizards have become adept at using complex combinations of spices to achieve great feats.

Household Magic

Food magic is an everyday necessity in the world of Culinaria.

Family Meals
Families gather three times a day to create and partake in magical meals embued with family tradition.
Quick Meals
Most often crafted by individuals, these single-serve meals are easy on-the-go magical fuel.

Technology of Culinarypunk

Powered by Steam and Magic
Culinaria is a continent powered by steam. Whether you're taking the Spaghettrain down the eastern coastline or chasing after a Grubforged, you'll find yourself engulfed in steam power.

The Spaghettrain

Taking Culinarians from coast to coast, the Spaghettrain is a steam engine and carbohydrate dispersal system.

The Grubforged

Wandering groups of mechanized chefs on wheels, the Grubforged are a colorful sight to see while traveling. Most often in groups of 3 or 4, the Grubforged will take rest in a city for a few days collecting ingredients and learning new recipes before moving on to the next. They can be counted on in certain cities for particular events.

Household Technology

Steam power has become the most common form of energy in Culinaria.

The World of Culinarypunk

Map of Culinarypunk

A Brief History

  Not much is known about the ancient civilizations of Culinarypunk. Ruins have been discovered within certain kingdoms but knowledge is not generally shared between kingdoms. It is rumored the shape of the main continent was based on an ancient belief system but the truth has become a mystery in recent centuries.   Nowadays, the kingdoms find themselves in minor turmoil. Disagreements on balanced diets and proper nutrition have thrust a knife between once friendly parties. Pollenesia and Simmeroon are currently on the cusp of war.
  The Dairy King of Lactasia has been pushing the Pit Master of Simmeroon to marry his daughter, The Saucess, to the Pollen Prince in an attempt for an alliance, but Pollenesia has its concerns about Simmeroon's leadership.

The Kingdoms of Culinarypunk



Ruler: The Queen Bee
Pollenesia is protected by The Swarm.

Nectar Fighter

Swarm Knight
Death by a million stings.
A Swarm Knight is trained to be quick on their feet and with their blade. With poison tipped weapons, any enemy is smart to quickly flee battle.


Ruler: The Pit Master
Simmeroon is protected by the Order of the Tong.

BBQ Paladin

Oath of Grill Paladin
Religiously grill your enemies.
When taking the Oath of Grill, a paladin swears to defend all that is spiced and meaty. Great food and divine parties are of importance.


Ruler: The Fishmonger
Sushimia is protected by The Swordfish.

Seafood Druid

Circle of Seafood
The power of the ocean in your hands.
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Ruler: The Riceroy
Chaff is protected by Pastryarchy.

Grain Cleric

Bakery Domain
Give us this day our daily bread.
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Ruler: The Duke of Seed
Herbacium is protected by Pepperbrands.

Seedy Bard

School of Horticulture
Hey, you wanna see something seedy?
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The Frizzle Kingdom

Ruler: The Deep Frysar
The Frizzle Kingdom is protected by Lorem Ipsum.

Deep Fry Rogue

Fry Snatcher
Nothing is safe around these foodies.
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Ruler: The Dairy King
Lactasia is protected by The Jollie Ranchers.

Dairy Ranger

Rancher Conclave
The rootinest, tootinest ranger.
Brave the Northern Frontier on your trusty steed. As a Rancher Ranger, the battlefield becomes little more than herding sheep.

Societies à la carte

The Sugarcanaan Isles

Ruler: The GingerBaroness
The Sugarcanaan Isles are protected by Gummy Golems.

Sugar Warlock

Muffin Man Patron
Do you know...the Muffin Man?
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The Beer Monks

Ruler: The Porter
The Beer Monks are protected by Lorem Ipsum.

Root Beer Barbarian

The Root Beerbarian
I'm not drunk, I'm tipsy!
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