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Gummy is a fabulously malleable ingredient. While I prefer to make candies, I do appreciate my lovely gummy golem Gary, who has proved to be an exceptional sous chef!
— 'Ma' Bonnie Appetit, Culinarian Explorer
Taste: Sweet
Color: Vibrant rainbow
State: Solid, semi-solid, liquid.

Growth of the Gummy



Gummy was not always a natural substance in Culinaria. The gingerbreadfolk of Sugarcanaan Isles had been experimenting in sugar magic, heating and cooling products to see how they respond, when they discovered the gooey, shapeless material. It suited their needs so perfectly they decided to cultivate it for themselves. Before long, the gummy had taken root across the islands and assimilated with the flora. Not much is known about the growth process outside of the Gingerbreadfolk traditions.

Greater Culinaria Discovery

The first Gummy Golems were seen by non-Sugarcanaanites during the third Frenzy. After painful losses during the first Frenzies, the gingerbreadfolk grew tired of defeat and used their new power to form a small army of gummy golems.
  The Swarm of Pollenesia was met with a smattering of two-foot-tall gummy tanks equipped with sharpened sugar swords. The Swarm expected an easy win but was surprised when each gummy taken down reformed only moments later to get back into the fight. They took major casualities before realizing defeat and fleeing back home.
Many kingdoms on the main continent of Culinaria expressed worry when the gummy golems appeared. Some claimed it bordered on necromancy and accused the gingerbreadfolk of practicing forbidden magic. Others wished to harness the power for themselves and began hiring golems for their own tasks.
Trade Through Culinaria
Due to its versatility and usefulness in the culinary and magical arts, gummy has become a highly valued commodity in the world of Culinarypunk. The demand for gummy has led to the establishment of gummy trade routes and markets in various cities.   The most common form of gummy trade involves the sale of raw gummy material to artisanal candy makers and pastry chefs. These professionals use gummy to create a wide range of sweets, from simple gummy candies to complex cake decorations. In addition to its use in the culinary arts, gummy is also highly sought after by magic-users for its unique properties. Gummy can be used as a base material for magical constructs, such as the gummy golems created by Gingerbreadfolk. It can also be infused with magical energy to create powerful elixirs and potions.   The trade of gummy is closely regulated in many regions due to the potential danger of uncontrolled use. Unscrupulous traders have been known to sell adulterated or contaminated gummy, which can have disastrous effects on those who consume it or use it in magic.


Proper Gummy Use


A relatively new form of magic, gummymancy was chaotically crafted by the gingerbreadfolk in their experimental years. The process of harvesting, molding, and raising gummy golems is constantly updating as more powerful methods are discovered.


Outside of the Sugarcanaan Isles, gummy is used primarily as an edible. It's common to use gummy candies as a base for minor healing or enchantment recipes. The children of Culinaria have taken a particular liking to the gummy candy.

Building Blocks

Gummy is a surprisingly strong and durable material, making it useful for building structures in Culinarypunk. Gummy bricks and blocks can be used to construct buildings and other structures, such as bridges and walls. Gummy can also be used as an adhesive, allowing it to bond objects together.

Gummy Fighting

Gummy can be molded into gummy shields, providing a sweet and sticky barrier against attacks, or can be used to create gummy projectiles, such as gummy bullets and gummy arrows. These projectiles are less lethal than traditional weapons, but they can still pack a punch.


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