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~Chris's Unnamed Continent Kingdoms~   "Over-ambitious homebrew and no play makes jack a dull boy."   ~   Basically homebrew Golarion. The basis of this world setting originates from my first pathfinder campaign ever played, created by our game-master at the time; Chris. It contains ancient extinct proto-human dwemer ruins containing eldritch artifacts and entities, his way of bending over reality and sticking SCP's into this fantasy campaign like a Tabasco drenched penis. Our characters stories were put on hiatus after half our pathfinder group disbanded, where we had left off was the beginning of the apocalypse; due to our racist gnome unleashing the trapped primordial forces of chaos by throwing the very obviously "Do not open; sealed evil in a can" at a blue goblin.   it is set approximately 40 years in the future of his original setting and on a small seperate continent Island containing multiple kingdoms somewhat untouched by the apocalypse.   Shit hit the fan, PCs and swag saved the world. Society recovered. but we agreed this would be an alternate timeline because.... Wizards? SCP? Yeah. SCP. He never gave a name to the fucking world.   Chris is now a victi- player within.   And he knows how twisted and stupid my imagination is...     This is their world and story.

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