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Why Female Cheetahs Live Alone

Earth CP | Prism

Why Female Cheetahs Live Alone is a fable handed down by cheetah mothers to explain their social culture. Like most tales of its kind, it is impossible to prove as fact.


Once, both sexes of cheetahs lived in social groups that were usually even in number. While the groups lived apart, there was love between mates. Male cubs would be sent to live with their fathers once weaned, to learn how to live and one day form their own group.

This continued until one male chose to prove he could win the hearts of a full group of females. He courted each female when they were alone. In time, each believed he had chosen her and turned down all other advances. His game continued until one of his mates spotted him with her sister. The females tore into each other, accusing the other female of stealing her mate.   By the time the pair worked out just who was to blame, the male cheetah and his brothers were long gone. With no outlet left for their anger, the females turned upon each other and went their separate ways. Never again with they trust another female, nor would they give their hearts away. Love was for cubs until they were grown. And for fools. From then on, males lived together and females kept to themselves except when they had cubs to raise.


The story, like so many others, is passed down orally from mother to cubs. The tale is extremely limited in its spread, as cheetahs rarely socialize outside their own species.



Created: 2016

The actual myth was meant to mimic Rudyard Kipling's Just So Stories. But the concept is that non-humans, especially those with no way to write, would have "oral" fables to explain parts of their culture. There are several myths like this one, and I hope to eventually include them.

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