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Crystal Prism

...good and evil are a matter of perspective and the truth is subjective.

What is Crystal Prism?

An alternate universe where the world of Aufaniae exists parallel to its Earth. The few differences between "Earth CP" and the "real world" are fictional towns, establishments, and people. Maybe how the supernatural functions.  

You mean like all fiction?

Yes, but my mind copes better knowing it's a different universe from ours. Otherwise I would be fact-checking forever. I want to actually finish.  

Is there more than one timeline?

Yes. I divide the "world" into three canons: Refraction, Crystal, and Prism. 95% of my fictional works are set in Crystal Prism, but not all of them are canon to one another. Everything is subject to change until "published" in ebook, print book, webcomic, or film form. I make an effort not to contradict myself as much as possible.  

Sounds like fun! Tell me more!

I'll do one better! Have a look at the table of contents below. This guide will let you explore the realm of Crystal Prism to your heart's content.  
Can't help it if I space in a daze.
My eyes tune out the other way.
I may switch off and go in a daydream.
In this head my thoughts are deep.
Sometimes I can't even speak.
Would someone be and not pretend?
I'm off again in my world!
— Avril Lavigne, "My World"

Who is good and who is wicked all depends on where you stand.

There is a Crystal Prism Wiki that predates this World Anvil Guide by about four years. As of November 2018, every article but the wiki's main page was deleted. I've plans to make it into a community for the fans one day. (Any fan is welcome to do so.)