Basic Information


Wyverns are large, scaled beings with two legs and two wings. Many have long necks while others have short ones. There is a great variety of forms they take, but no one would mistake a wyvern for anything else.

Genetics and Reproduction

Unlike most creatures, the offspring of wyverns doesn't often resemble their parents.  Adding to the confusion about how they reproduce, a wyvern may brood in either Nalea or the Reverie.

Growth Rate & Stages

Wyverns have several distinct stages of development.
  1. Hatchling: The Most vulnerable stage of development and the only time in their lives when a wyvern is completely reliant on others for their survival.
  2. Nestling: Once their eyes open, they are a nestling until they master their fire.
  3. Fledgling: Has mastered their first breath, but is still flightless, but resembling their adult form.
  4. Minor Wyvern: Has mastered flight and lives on their own. They are not capable of reproduction yet.
  5. Wyvern: Had fully matured.
  6. Elder Wyvern: Gain the ability to enter communion with others and join them together to act as one.
  7. Wyrm:: Gain the ability to forge concord between those in their field of influence.

Additional Information

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Wyverns have extremely acute senses of smell, touch, taste, sight, and hearing. When they enter The Reverie, they have the ability to see the corresponding location in Nalea without much effor.
Conservation Status
Wyverns are rare, not because they have been hunted but because they reproduce so slowly. Some kingdoms have laws in place to protect them while others have outlawed their presence.
Average Length
  1. Hatchling: 1-2 meters
  2. Nestling: 2-4 meters
  3. Fledgling: 4-8 meters
  4. Minor Wyvern: 9-20 meters
  5. Wyvern: 21-35 meters
  6. Elder Wyvern: 36-60 meters
  7. Wyrm:: 61-76 meters


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