Time of Wonders

The Lieges reign on high, the sovereigns here below. For glory and honor, the caretakers cultivate their cores to save our world from the endless horrors of the nether realms.
— Leira and Ariel, The Heralds of Eternity

The Shadows of Wonder

Under the reign of the Lieges of Mount Ameslin, our world matured from the ages of iron and rust to the present golden age that attracted the greedy eyes of the Phoenix Shadow upon us.   There was once before the umbral fires burst forth into our world, the light of Mount Ameslin shone upon all of us. The great sunstones and moonstones possessed by the many great cities of the world collected the light of the Lieges and shared to all the people.  

The Day of the Long Shadow

At the foot of the great mountain, a terrible cry ring out. The hungry voice of the titanic bird of prey shook the ground greater than any quake the world has ever known. Dark fires erupted from the pinnacle of the mountain; the light of the great lieges went out.   Monsters spawned from the shadows, attacking the innocent people below. In a moment of desperation, the maiden of light called forth the faith of all those in the shadow of the great terror, and a new generation of faithborn arose.   In the battle that ensued, the forces of the phoenix's shadow were slowed, but they were not stopped. Refugees fled the gathering darkness of the desecrated mountain to the Kingdom of Hyris in the Saibhreas Archipelago in search of shelter, allies, and escape from the invaders, knowing that our world will never be the same.   Now, the faithborn cultivate their cores to stand against the forces of the other worlds.  

The Other Gods

When the phoenix shadow tore into our world, it left us vulnerable to the other realms that exist in the vast netherworld beyond our own.  

Eterna, the Shadow Phoenix

The Queen of the Dark Empyrean subjugated the guardians of the four other realms in quick succession after claiming ultimate power over her own plane. Like the dark fire from which she arose, she hungers for nothing but to spread her influence and power throughout the realms.  

Sable, the Dread Unicorn

The Master of the Twisted Fields of the Asphodel Meadows was not conquered by Eterna, but joined with her as her loyal lieutenant.  

Linaria, Dryad of the Mortal Woods

The Queen of Arcadia only surrendered to the Shadow Phoenix because she saw how verdant the the lands became after they had been burned to ashes.  

Vassaeth, The Sylph Lord of the Miasma

King of Laputa fell into love with Eterna and desired to have her as his queen. Through her flirtations, he added his domain to hers.  

Rysynth, The Lady of the Abyssal Depths

The Queen of Rivelin found against Eternal with all she had until she realized that the only way to win the war would be to sacrifice most, if not all, of her people in the battle to save her homeland.

Crypts & Wyverns




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