Saroji (sɔ-ɹ0-dʒi)

Tenko Saroji Takanari (he/him)

Saroji pretends to be a Sadath with their friend Menomi Takanari pretending to be their familiar.


In the city of Moonstrand, a shrine to Tenko Takanari contains the broken blade which Saroji used to save their village from The Sapphire Night Hart that tormented them.


The Night of the 25th day of 7th month is celebrated at the Night of the Sapphire Fox Moon in Moonstrand.

Physical Description

Body Features

Saroji has fiery red over most of his body with snow white fur on his chest, neck and chin.  He has nine tails but often glamours them to only sho one. He has the muscular body of a swordsman.

Facial Features

Saroji has a long narrow muzzle with silver whiskers and short white fur under his nose that resembles a mustache. His eyes are silver like the full moon.

Apparel & Accessories

Saroji wears standard black and white leather and cloth armor under a silver traveling cloak.

Specialized Equipment

Saroji carries two swords, one on either side and a a secondary dagger on the right. He carries a walking stick made of ironwood.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

As a child in the Grove of Ravatha in the Twilight Valley in The Reverie, Saroji, like his fellow Kitsune had few cares. He frolicked through the ghost shadow roots and chased the Will-o'-the-wisps.   In 34 ME, he found an entrance to a spirit warren that led to caves under the city of Lightfell. Following his drive to adventure, he left The Reverie for the other world. He ventured into the city in animal form to explore and play.   On one of his forays into the city, sees a Tugwattle sitting behind an Obsidian Destiny board sipping tea. He watched him for an hour, just sitting there. Saroji took on a human form and approached the tugwattle who introduced himself as Cecil Minear.   Cecil invited him to play the game with him. When Saroji said he didn't know how to play, Cecil offered to teach them. Over the next few weeks, they grew into friends over the game. They discussed life and the events unfolding in the city.   On the 20th day of 8th month, in 32 ME, the War of the Risen reached Lightfell when assassins in the employ of Ullmonaar infiltrated the city to take out the priest of the The Holy Ternion and the Lieges of Mount Ameslin.   When he arrived for his game with Cecil, he found an assassin sneaking into his friend's home. In a panic, Saroji rushed to Cecil's aid. He killed the assassin, but in so doing, he revealed that he is a kitsune.   Cecil tells Saroji that he knew the whole time, and offers to teach him how to use his powers to help the people of Lightfell. Saroji agrees and learns the path of Kerthys and becomes a sentinel.   Over the years, Saroji developed his skills and studied under Cecil until he died in 13 REP. The city wasn't the same without his friend, so Saroji left to explore the lands beyond the city.   He traveled from Thornwind to Wolfguard to Rimemaw, even to the extent of Losthand in the west and Moonstrand in the north. Along the way, he offered aid and support to many people, but others wouldn't let him enter their villages because of their fear of the kitsune and other spirits.   After decades on the road, Saroji grew tired of the prejudice he encountered in the world and returned to the spirit warren in Lightfell. Their he meditated and worked to let go of his delusions so he could progress in life.   One night, the demon Ikhnaya entered the cave to tempt Saroji from the path. He taunted the kitsune for rejecting their former life of free will and frivolity. Saroji countered that he had not rejected anything, but chose not to take his joy from the suffering of others.    Ikhnaya reminded him of how the villagers treated him as a kitsune. Saroji responded that it wasn't his role to judge others, but to set them free.     Again, Ikhnaya taunted him saying that it was not the role of the kitsune to save anyone. Saroji responded that he was no one's savior, but he was the hand of justice, the voice of truth, and the arms of sanctuary to though he encountered.   In the end, Ikhnaya attacked Saroji with visions of the end, the death of everyone in the warren below and the city above, and the futility of trying to save them. Saroji sat, unmoved by the illusions stretched out around him. There was no merit in fighting against illusions.   The powers of ikhnaya broke and the demon fled.   Saroji ascended back into The Reverie where he absorbed the power where he became a Tenko.   Saroji returned to the spirit warren with his nephew Menomi who also took the Sentinel vows. Together, the chose to pretend they are a Sadath thegn and familiar when outside of the warren to avoid the prejudice against their kind.


Religious Views

Saroji is a devotee of Kerthys. As a Frost Star, he endeavors to stand against the forces of control and domination with even a small amount of the courage the goddess has in the face of the titanic threats she opposes.   He doesn't believe that she works through him or that they have any kind of a special relationship with her that is any different from any other devotee. He believes in the way as the star that guides even on the darkest night.

Hobbies & Pets

Saroji often pretends to be a Sadath thegn with his nephew Menomi Takanari as his familiar. Menomi isn't a pet, and neither is any other familiar.

Wealth & Financial state

Saroji has amassed a small fortune over the centuries that he keeps stored in his den in the Reverie. He has a Realmlock key to access it from wherever he is.
Date of Birth
19th day of the 12th Month of 43 ME
Year of Birth
43 ME 248 Years old
Grove of Ravatha in the Twilight Valley in The Reverie
Presented Sex
Fiery Red and Snow White
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Snow White
Frost Stars
Aligned Organization


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