Rite of the Prism

When a Tugwattle reaches the age of fifteen, they are taken into a Shrine of Light to seek their path in the guiding light. During the rite, they call upon the spirit of Dhoarin, deity of Truth to show them the path they are meant to follow in life.   The oldest records of the rite say that Dhoarin appeared to the first tribe of Tugwattles and chose them to be their servant on account of the earnestness of their heart. Others claim they were created by the deity themself to be their hands and eyes in Nalea. A few tell the story of a devout family of Tugwattles who resisted the burning light of deceit in the past and were rewarded for their faith.   Regardless of how the rite came into such common use in Tugwattle society, it is the cornerstone of all they believe and of their cultural identity. What is revealed in the ritual is not their fate, but the truth of who they are in the deepest recesses of their soul. With this knowledge, they are free to build the life the want for themselves.   The earliest versions of the rite where performed in huts under the light of conjured and enchanted flame that was not to be seen by any but the initiate and their guide. The sacred prism is an arcane construct forged by the will of the guide and sustained by the life of the initiate. In modern times, the keeper of the temple maintains the prism for the wellbeing of the shrine.


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