Nimble Eel

The Nimble Eel is a tavern in Duskmere  in the Saibhreas Archipelago in the ownership of barkeep Lou Winn.

Purpose / Function

The Nimble Eel was originally built by the Vrilqul Dostrath the Nightfair as a simple tavern. Overtime, he added a kitchen to provide meals for his patron. After Lou Winn bought the establishment, he added three guest rooms in the back for travelers to spend the night.


There is one entrance to the north and another to west. On the south side of the bar is the door to the boarding rooms.

Sensory & Appearance

Three small chandeliers hang from the grayed wooded beams in the ceiling each holding four small light oil lamps. Along each wall, three wall sconces spaced out between the windows and the tables had candle cups on them. The old glass melted to the base of each pane from time, and their exterior was frosted from the sand in the wind.

Contents & Furnishings

The Nimble Eel has 8 to 10 tables, depending on whether or not the four square tables are pushed together to make a larger one. The tables sat 30 to 40 people, with enough room for a Vrilqul to walk between them without knocking into the back of a seated patron.   The bar seats twelve.


Lou Winn  renovated the building when he bought it to repair what the sea and time and withered away. It was at this time he added the rooms in the back after he purchased the small general store that relocated to a much larger building up the street. He connected the two buildings with a small hall constructed across the narrow alley. Many of the original timbers were replaced, but fortunately, the glass in the windows didn't need replacing.


Like all the buildings in Duskmere, the roofs were sloped the ornamental wind breaks to help it survive the storms. The steady salt breeze made it unwise to invest too much in paint of ornamentation that the wind would just eat away.


Shutters of Sword Weeping Birch open to either side of each window and door to be closed against storms.


Dostrath the Nightfair built the Nimble Eel in 146 REP and named it after a song that was popular at the time:    
The Nimble Eel thought it wise to wend itself round a wheel, imaging its silver hub to be the moon the never dies.   Round spoke and club its body wrapped with nary at thought from of grub, for there no plate or drinking cup upon the wheel so strapped.   Looking up it saw the sky and listened to the whining pup, for in the clouds above it saw the moon beyond its reach so high.   Then did the eel quick as a spring leapt into the air like a flying squid and cried out to the gods and begged the moon a blessed wing.   Then the nimble eel in the moon light as if hung from a gimbal did laugh into the night as on dragon's wings, the eel took flight.
  It was a silly song, but one that warmed his heart.   In 184 REP, he sold the Tavern to Lou Winn.
Founding Date
146 REP
Alternative Names
The Eel
Pub / Tavern / Restaurant
Parent Location
Characters in Location


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