We are of one tree despite the grove. All are children of the world tree.
— Rhoneth
  The Nephrear are the descendants of the The World Tree planted by Cyohr, Deity of Shelter to bring life to Nalea. These small, bipedal plant people live all over the world. The leaves of their body are the same as their mother tree and they have many different stories about for why various mother trees have the leaves of different species of trees. Nephrear exist in all the same varieties as the trees of the world.   They believe that Cyohr created them to provide shelter to others under the protective limbs of the mother tree, but the interpretation of that mandate varies wildly from grove to grove and from person to person. Shelter and aid are open to a wide number of interpretations.   The first mother trees grew in the shadow of the world tree and entwined their roots with hers. For a long time they lived in relative ignorance of the world beyond the Divine Grove, but in time, Sadath and Uhraid travelers wandered through the grove and Nephrear traveled with them to the farthest corners of the world.   Shandalar, Wirenth, and Nhamashal were the first mother trees from which all others claim decent. They still grow to this day under the shadow of the world tree.

Basic Information


The Nephrear's head resembles an acorn in shape with leaves where the cap of an acorn would be. Their bodies take many shapes from the tangled vines hanging down from ht the fruit that once connected them with the tree from which they arose.

Genetics and Reproduction

Nephrear grow from a mother tree that is capable of producing both male and female flowers. As a result they can fertilize their own seeds, but often make alliances between clans so their offspring bring pollen from one tree to another to keep variety among the descendants. It is also common for bands of Nephrear to carry chests of pollen with them to give to other clans as a peace offering.   When a Nephrear choses to reproduce, they sacrifice their individual live and plant themselves to grow a new mother tree. Should something happen to take their life, their heart will plant itself as the seed to a new mother tree.

Growth Rate & Stages

Nephrear start life as a flower on their mother tree. Once they are pollenated, the flow grows into a the leafy acorn that will make up their head. As they mature, the seed cracks open and the vines grow into the body.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Nephrear are capable of gaining their nutrients from the soil and sun, but it takes ours of focused rooting to obtain minimal sustenance, so many of them choose to eat and drink to gain their sustenance.

Additional Information

Social Structure

Since most of the Nephrear living in a grove are siblings, there is no natural hierarchy. Age is not considered a valid metric for wisdom or knowledge since experience varies between individuals. The Mother Tree produces special fruits that turn some of the grove speakers who commune with the mother tree.

Facial characteristics

Nephrear have a vegetal appearance often compared to radishes, eggplants, carrots, daikons, and others vegetables because of the varieties colors and shapes they grow in.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Nephrear see through their eyes, but they also have the ability to sense light though any exposed skin and leaves.

Civilization and Culture

Culture and Cultural Heritage

Nephrear have a a deep devotion to their mother tree. Its lineage going all the way back to the World Tree is often recited as a litany on holidays and holy days to connect them to their heritage.   Family is the grove, including all the adopted children of the mother tree. No distinction is made between those born from the tree and those adopted by it. As a result, they do not understand  the families of others. The distinctions made between mother, father, sister, brother, and cousin are unnecessary divisions.   As a result of their connection to Cyohr, they cannot pass by a person in need without at least offering help.

Common Customs, Traditions and Rituals

Some Nephrear earn enchanted wings that are grafted onto them by the elders allowing them to glide and have limited flight.
Average Height
45 cm
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
woodland browns, greens, orange, white


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