Kerthys (kʌr-θɪs)

Invicta Kerthys (a.k.a. Invincta, Nix Invicta, The Snow Maiden, The Sword Maiden, Defender of the Forsaken)

Kerthys is a goddess of protection and refuge, whose followers provide food, shelter, and sanctuary to those in need. While not one of the The Tears of Rheemis, she is a being of nearly pure compassion.   As a snow maiden who governed the accumulating snow, he road to compassion never involved the warm feelings and tender heart common to spirits of this type, but arose from the cold, crystalline logic which allowed her to see the suffering of the people clearly and the causes of this suffering.    Suffering, to Kerthys and her followers, is the result of individual vanity and the fear that interconnection is a weakness. The truth is it is the collective strength of the fallen snow that gives it strength and power to change the world.   Up unto the Night of Frost Battle, Kerthys power belonged to her and her alone. That night she chose to share it with those who had been so devoted to her for so long without receiving a commensurate reward.   That night, she saw how her power touched though it  flowed through, and how she could help them. Like the snows themselves, individuals easily melt away, but acting together, they can change the shape of mountains.   Since that day, she has guided her people to save those who need help and the heal the brokenness of the world.

Divine Domains

Kerthys controls the falling snows and the frost. As Nix Invicta, or simply Invicta, she gives aid to those who fight to protect the innocents and the lost.   


During the battle of Alalia, the cores of some of the hail spikes that rained down upon their enemies did not melt. These are known as the Gem of Valor, and are on display at her temple in Alalia. These gems are made from a substance known at Gelum, which has been found at other sites where the goddess has intervened.

Holy Books & Codes

The Book of the Sentinel contains the devotions, practice, and arts of the the Sentinels who take up the mantle of Nix Invicta to brings justice into this would.   The Scroll of the Matriarch collects the legends of Kerthys for the faithful to retell at her celebrations.   The Words of the Cold Breath hold the practices and beliefs of the Frost Stars, the priesthood that spreads her devotion throughout the world.

Divine Symbols & Sigils

The Frost Star is also the name of the chief symbol of the goddess and her followers. It is a stylized snowflake in the form of a radiant star.

Tenets of Faith

Whether a sentinel or a Frost Star, they all hold to the same core aphorisms, though they do interpret them differently:  
  1. The Glory of One is the Glory of All
  2. Treasure melts away like the fallen Snow.
  3. Honesty cuts cleaner than swords.
  4. Kindness the hearth for the fires of life.
  5. Justice warms the world like the spring day sun.
  6. Fear turns a heart cold.
These tenets are known as the six pointed stars.


The Night of Frost Battle (10th Day of the First Month)

Divine Goals & Aspirations

Kerthys and her followers seek to protect the helpless and to defend the innocent. She is not a goddess of war, but of protection. Her temples house sanctuaries for people to live and seek shelter,  and soup kitchens to provide food for those in need.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Originally, Kerthys was a winter goddess of the Needle's Eye, which is why she is still known as the Snow Maiden, the goddess who brought the accumulating snow, or Nix as she was also known.   During the siege of Alalia, the people cried out for salvation. She begged Bruma, the goddess of Winter to intervene and save the town that had always shown them such tender devotions, but Bruma refused.   In a rage, Kerthys left the Nivalis Palace and entered the clouds above Alalia. She gathered the winds to guide their arrows  so they would hit their marks true. A murderous frost grew on the blades of the defenders capable of cutting through the armor of the attacking Denda.    To turn the tide of the battle, she formed enormous spikes of ice out of the hail and snow in the clouds and rained death down upon the invaders.   The priests of Kerthys saw the signs of her presence in the clouds and sang hymns in her honor. High Priest of her temple called out to her under a new name, Nix Invicta, the Invisible Snowfall. They bound aether into their prayers to lend the goddess their strength.   Denda fled in terror as they realized a goddess sided against them.   From that day forward, Kerthys was known as Nix Invica, the Sword Maiden, the Defender of the Forsaken.
Divine Classification


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