Clans of the Faithborn

Not long after the Lieges came into being the first faithborn arose. The clans disagree about whether the faithborn are closely related to Lieges, or if they are incarnations of the deities themselves. It is possible that they were a combination of all the above.  


As the fires burn to make new things from the old, so to do the crucibles of the salons and council champers of power. The metal depends on the fire to make the hammer as much as it does the hammer to shape it according to its needs.
— Kiyothi
  Alosrin serve Sembris, God of Abundance and consider themselves to be traditionalist, but the traditions they preserve are those of change and evolution. Possessed of a distinctly aristocratic nature, they offer their services as advisors, managers, and military leaders because to them the only way to ensure abundance is through the projection of strength.   This belief forms the basis of most of their actions and beliefs. They try to resolve disputes without violence, because to lash out is to give up one's power to another.


All beauty is sacred, and the calling of the heart to bring it into being. Our songs stir the world into being and our dance keeps the balance. All that is profane has simply lost the rhythm or had its color fade.
— Shaiyuri
  Evindal serve Dolerin, Deity of Beauty and focus their talents to ward the restoration of the world to its ideal perfection as they perceive through their artistic vision. While they are artists, poets, musicians, dancers, sculptors, one should not mistake their pursuits for weakness. They are more than capable of taking care of themselves, often with the help of their admires.   It is helpful to befriend the Evindal, for they are the friends of all who have an ear to hear or an eye to see.  


Shadows crawl on the walls, memory fueled terrors of our pasts. Open the doors and offer them tea. The worst that will happen is that they linger too long, but with a touch of politeness they may choose to depart.
— Ghostmoon
  Gilmaer serve Cyohr, Deity of Shelter, and welcome in many a lost soul. They call the places they gather the whispering wood even if it is a parlor in a fine manor house. The reason for this is readily apparent to anyone who has ever passed by. The number of nethermancers, summoners, and evokers among their ranks make the brightest lights and darkest shadows crawl with strange life.   Gilmaer are the focus of many conspiracy theories and are believed by most to secretly be in control of the world. Whether or not this is true is a secret that they have never confirmed or denied.  


Let no one know your name. Let no one see your face, unless it is time for the light to be put out of their eyes.
— Hollow Stain
  Kelkrana serve Qhutin, God of Loyalty and gather the secrets of Nalae to save the world from itself. They are renown information brokers, spies, and assassins, though their membership is a secret, not even known to one another. Their presence is heralded by the The White Rose Slayer, a phantom that appears from time to receive the petitions of the people for aide.   None but the Kelkrana know whether they do all they do for coin or for some other agenda.  


All that is holy is true and all that is true is holy. May the truth ever prevail over the shadow of lies.
— Ambrose Ezra Radcliff
  Maeral serve Myris, Deity of Forgiveness. They have the power to shrive and declare penance for the deed done that violate the law of Myris. They are seen as just adjudicators of the law and are often called upon to bring balance and restore peace in the world.   The proclamations of the Maeral has the power to compel the minds of others so long as they speak no lie.  


The powers of our world must be studied and harnessed so we do not waste the opportunities set before us.
— Odyrin
  Qinsarra serve Iaris, Goddess of Miracles and have produced some of the finest wizards, arcanists, summoners, and enchanters the world has ever seen. They are famous for their libraries and their profound understanding of the subtle energies of the world.   Qinsarra are rarely seen outside of their towers without a purpose.  


Death once danced in the moonlight under the boughs of a Lily Willow Tree. She saw me watching her, but said nothing. I crept up on her and she invited me to dance. In her arms I saw so many things I never dreams possible. Vermillion skies over the scarlet sea. All the wonders of the world are in her hands.
— Vretiel
  Saathyra serve Orla, Goddess of Death which is why they are known as the House of the Dead. They have a reputation for being cold blooded assassins, nethermancers, and their have even been accusations of necromancy, but none have ever been proven.   Within the Saathyra, they refer to themselves as the how of dreams because of the many gifts Orla bestows upon them, though to some the dreams would be nightmares.

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