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The Startide Nexus

The Startide Nexus is one of the most technologically advanced clusters, where it was formally home to the Aivian Empire and other races who submitted to the so-called: ‘Greater Good’. Nowadays it is mostly inhabited by Aivians and the GAIGGE, robots designed by the newly formed Startide Empire to help the mspread the greater good. The earth caste, however, started noticing that the GAIGGE had created a ‘Consensus’, a self-awareness that appeard an emergent property of their gestalt networking, and were becoming self aware. They attempted to shut down the GAIGGE, and when that failed started attacking them. Meanwhile Commander Farsight had other ideas and turned on the Empire. Sympathising with the GAIGGE, for they had done nothing wrong in his eyes. He established the Farsight Protectorate in the Vior’los system, marking the start of a still ongoing civil war.

Galactic Sector
Included Organizations
The Startide Empire
Owning Organization
The Startide Empire
Contested By
Characters in Location
Great General Shokah

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