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Crux Draconis

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"It was as sudden as a lightning strike, but much more devestating. After a hundred years since the Great War, the galaxy stands on the edge of civil war. The Empire, for all it's might, could not forsee the collapse of all it held dear. The core worlds went dark without a single warning. These intergalactic hubs of trade and diplomacy became surrounded by a rift of unstable void energy, making travel and communication impossible. Tension is brewing; it will soon be a race between the factions of the galaxy to see who will become the next dominant force. Grave times are ahead, wether the Empire survives or not..."   Crux Draconis began simply as a Microscope experiment to make a Sci-Fi universe we could all enjoy. With ideas blatantly stolen from WH40k, Mass Effect, Halo and other sources, this is as of yet by no means meant to be more than a setting to play Starfinder in. If you stumbled upon this page, though, be sure to share your thoughts!