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The Races of Cruul.

Over the long ages of Cruul many races were created at different times by different Gods. Below are the main races of Cruul in no particular order.  


Humans , created by Laydi'wahni "The White Lady" , continue to reproduce an prosper at speeds that surprise and intimidate the demihumans of the realm. Resourceful, inquisitive and unpredictiable- humans have solidified their hold on the surface of Cruul for almost 4000 years. The following are the main human civilizations of Cruul.   Kingdom of Hamar. - Human Kingdom based strongly on the path of The White Lady. They are a strongly religious society under the governing Church of White Light.   Kingdom of Vangash - Human Kingdom based strongly on mortal-law. Wealthy and highly efficient in trade and commerce- Vangash is centered on appreciation for philosophy, art and material things.   Dunder- Barbarian human tribes that live nomadic lives in the wilder lands of Dunder. They are known for their worship of multible gods of good and balance and for living in harmony with nature. Their numbers are vast and unchecked leaving other nations to wonder how many Dunder truly exist.   Crim - A seafaring civilization built on trade and swashbuckling on the shallow Crimian Bay. Humans are the majority of Crimian citizens, but live alongside many races that are equally welcome among them.   Ecava- A newly founded city of free thinkers and philosophers that contains educated individuals of many races trying to solve the world's problems together.  


The oldest race of Cruul dating back to the first age - The Great Age of Dwarves. Dwarves are short bearded people who dedicate most of their waking hours to acts of labor and the worshipping of Gods. All dwarves has a strong love of precious metals, jewels and gems and most prefer to live underground. Dwarves are noted for their dislike of magic and rest.   OondrrG'rog - The strongest and most populated dwarven society of all the standing mountains- the OondrrG'rog are direct descendants of the fallen dwarven empire of The OondrG'rog Empire.. They pride themselves on having traditional dwarven values and superior stone work above other dwarves..   Fer'hergen - The second largest kingdom of dwarves, the F'hergen live traditional dwarven lives while maintaining an intense hatred for humans. Like most dwarves- they are highly motivated by labor, religion and wealth.   J'oognn- Taller dwarves who lead untraditional lives as a successful merchant race coexisting with humans in the kingdom of Vangash. Highly motivated by commerce and trade- the J'oogen are often mocked by other dwarves as weak and an embarrassment to the proper dwarven way. Unconcerned with physical labor or living underground- the J'oogen prefer selling goods to humans over mining for their wealth.   Hz'Torgen - Hz'Torgen dwarves respect traditional dwarven values but also find recording history to be as important as labor and religion. Their libraries are the largest in the world, with collected works from all the races as well as countless tombs written by them.   Druugrr- A banished race of dwarves that now reside in the Undrrdark inflicted with cursed black blood and deep purple skin. They fell out of grace with the traditional dwarven gods and now worship Hixx'lixxapis "Poison, Sickness and Disease" while serving the Drow empire. Druugrr are the only know race of evil dwarves and the only dwarves to embrace the use of magics.  


The second oldest race of Cruul, elves live together in Fey forests swhile worshiping Na'tari "Goddess of Wilderness". They are a race that strongly dislikes labor and dullness, finding song, dance, swordplay and magic to be more rewarding than mining metals and gems. They are inquisitive by nature and mistrust non-fey races of the world. In the first age of the Elves, they broke into 3 Houses.   House Feyquani- The aristocratic and political elves wh traditional elven ways of the old ages. They reside mostly within the elven kingdom, refusing to leave the fey forest of their birth. They spend much of their time in philosophical debate while occupying their long lives with elven politics,, magics, archery and song.   House Obrakai- The wilder warriors of elven socieity. Obrakai are normally found outside the boarders of the elven kingdom in search of fun or fight. They are trained warriors and are feared and respected as warriors of great skill and cunning. They disagree with Feyquani life inside the safe zones of comfort and instead roam the Fhayh'quay forests where they defend the elven lands and frolic.   House Drow- The fallen House of Drow was once the greatest magi of all Cruul. The first people to understand magic and use it with skill, the Drow were pulled down a path of darkness and seduced by Hixx'lixxapis "Poison, Sickness and Disease". Now they rule the UndrrDark as perversions of nature and darkness.  

Farni Folk.

Created and blessed by Farni "Goddess of Harvest and Home" , the Farni Folk consist of three diminutive races of people- each distinctive from each other but living in harmony in the Farni-lands of Morwalk.   Halflings- A small and docile race of farmers, cobblers,hunters, fishermen, trappers and tradesmen who live humble lives within the Hill of Morwalk. They are a friendly people with a healthy mistrust for outsiders. Halflings spend much of their lives worshipping Farni and harvesting food to be preserved and stored in massive burrows under the hills. These food storages have saved the good races of Cruul more than once in history.   Gnomes- Though smaller and and unable to grow beards- Gnomes share many facial and social characteristics with dwarves. Living under the Mountains of Hillsafharn, Gnomes are obsessed with tinker-machines and clockwork mechanisms. Their work boarders on almost magical but relies on simple physics and natural law. Gnome science, as advanced as it is- is often dangerous and haphazardly designed.   Kender- Kender childlike and obsessively inquisitive. All kender are of chaotic good and biologically prevented from any other alignment. All Kender have an inability to suffer boredom of any kind- needing to be entertained entirely to feel at all comfortable. They are talkative, quick and immune to all forms of fear. Kender have no society of their own and have an unbearable urge to travel until death or very old age.  


Various races created by M'Guglagoth "God of Monsters and Pain" in the beginning of the current Modern Age almost 1000 years ago. The M'gug Races are almost entirely afflicted with cursed Black Blood."Crude Blood" and forever striving to kill all good races of Cruul. Few Mgugs are not infected and instead live civilized lives far outside the normal ways of their kin. The know M'guguloidic races are noted below.   Orcs- A race of muscular humanoids with facial features of swine. These creatures usually follow evil Gods on path of conquest and brutality. They have an intense hatred for elves and an equally intense love for eating them. Orcs can be found mostly in the northern lands of Cruul where they breed within the CruGarren Mountains. They are of average intelligence and they do not excel in tactical ability- but their brutality and physical strength more than makes up for their lacking.   Bugbears- Large hulking humanoids obsessed with combat and violence. Bugbears live in competing clans that often battle each other for dominace. Bugbears very intelligent and sly, choosing stealth and sneaking to begin most attacks. Bugbears can be found all over Cruul but most stick to the north away from Hobgoblins who often enslave them.   Hobgoblins- Hobgoblins look like giant goblins and tend to dominate and enslave all other M'gugulodic races. They are of the most dangerous of the M'gug with their biological need to organize large groups to wage battle on any they wish. Hobgoblins left alone for too long will amass an army that will be unleashed wherever the Hobgoblins find weakest. They are intelligent masters of tactical assault and wise enough to weigh outcomes of war.   Gnolls- Gnolls have canine facial characteristics and a thirst for dwarven meat (but will greedily consume all races). They are gifted hunters and keen senses that allow them to be the best trackers of all Cruul. Gnolls are known to follow prey for long distances and then take them alive if possible where they can keep the food alive and fresh until eaten. They travel in small packs and are never seen in large numbers.   Ogres- Huge creatures of incredible strength and speed, Ogres are of the most feared M'gugs in all of Cruul. Dimwitted and easily outsmarted, Ogres find themselves in service to Hobgoblins, Bugbears and Orcs quite often. Ogres exist in small family units usually preying on nearby settlements and then returning home with spoils and meat. Ogres are viciously violent when angered and possess enough strength to push down trees, hurl bolders and crush mortal men with a single blow.   Kobolds- Kobolds are small and unsanitary creatures that breed quickly to infest areas where they nest. They operate as a colony serving one female leader unless they are enslaved and forced to serve stronger evils. Kobolds look like hairless vermin that move like insects. They are chaotic evil in nature and enjoy torturing their prey when possible.   Goblins- Another nesting M'guguloid species, goblins are able to multiply quicker than any intelligent race of Cruul. Goblins live in large groups serving one leader. They are sly and crafty with average-to-high intelligence. Goblins respect order as long as it is evil and in control. Goblins often willingly serve Hobgoblins and Orcs, enjoying the benefits of working together with stronger allies. Goblins lack bravery and make cowardly allies indeed.  

Skezzian Races.

The races of the island of Skez resemble the reptiles and amphibians that inhabit thier swampy lands. Most are devote followers of Hixx'lixxapis "Poison, Sickness and Disease" or M'Guglagoth "God of Monsters and Pain" and choose to live their lives apart from civilized lands of humas and demihumans alike.   Lizard-Folk- Most Lizard folk are black blooded and live within the swamp kingdom of Skez, making routine swims to the Fey coast of where they hunt and capture whatever (and whoever) they can. They live in highly religious clans that worship Hixx'lixxapis "Poison, Sickness and Disease" , offering him living sacrifices and dark rituals. They hate elves and all Fey things and have a strong hatred for Bullywhogs. It must be noted- a small civilized populous of Lizard-folk lives freely on the Island of Crim   Bullywhogs- Bullywuugs are froglike people who live under the swamps of Skez. They are followers of M'Guglagoth "God of Monsters and Pain" and enjoy harming all sorts of creatures and races they can get their webbed hands on. They have a strong hatred for Lizard-Folk and have warred them for ages. Bullywhogs enjoy seeing goodly things in pain and will prolong such a thing as long as possible.


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